Repurposed Craft Ideas

Repurposed Craft Ideas
Magazine-Page Frame and Storage Box
What You Need:
* Paper trimmer with ruler
* Discarded magazines
* Drinking straws
* Transparent tape
* Decoupage medium
* Flat paintbrush
* Lightweight cardboard, slightly larger than frame
* Flat wood frame
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Scissors
* Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
* Cardboard box
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Message Board
Create a pin-free ribbon board that's tailor-made to
your tastes, and show off photographs without
marring them with holes. The nautical navy-stripe
fabric harmonizes with the maritime display.
Gina Provenzano, a stylist, made this chic magnetic
board to give her home office a personal touch.
Supplies: You will need a large frame, zinc-coated
steel (aluminum and stainless steel will not hold
magnets), particle board, and fabric.
Tip: Hot-glue mini magnets to the backs of playful objects, such as a mah-jongg tile and dice, to
create your own custom magnets.
Repurpose decorative metal serving trays, such as this classic 1920s toleware tray, as magnetic
memo boards to hold to-do lists and invitations. The pretty scalloped edge serves as a frame for
the display, which you can simply lean against a wall.
Recycled-Paper Coasters
Turn old magazines into colorful and funky coasters. Tear out
several pages of a magazine (the more colorful the better),
and cut into strips about 1-1/2 inches wide. Fold a strip in half
lengthwise; unfold. Fold long edges in to meet at the center,
then fold in half lengthwise again, resulting in a slender strip
that is ready to roll up. Repeat with the remaining strips.
Use a small paintbrush to cover the length of the strip with a
decoupage medium or a mixture of glue and water. Roll
coated strip into a tight spiral. Coat the next strip and wrap it
around the first spiral. Continue gluing and wrapping the strips
in a spiral until you have a coaster that is about 3-1/2 inches in
diameter. This process takes a while, so be patient. When your
coaster is at its desired size, coat the entire thing with
decoupage medium and let dry. Design by: Brenda Drake Lesch
Bottle Cap Magnets
* Paper
* Clear packing tape
* Quarter
* Tacky glue
* Bottle cap
* Sequins, rhinestones, beads, googly eyes, and other
* Clear sealant
* Hot glue
* 1/2-inch-wide magnet
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T-Shirt Scarf
1 XL or XXL t-shirt
9″ paper plate
decorative pin/flower (optional)
Lay t-shirt out flat (make sure you can get 8-12 circles)
Use paper plate to trace 8-12 circles on t-shirt (4-6 on each side of the shirt)
Cut out circles Cut each fabric circle into a spiral
Stretch each piece of fabric, and lay all pieces together
Tie around your neck and place a pretty flower pin to dress it up!
CD Case Craft
STEP 1: On a computer, open a high-resolution photo of your choice in an image-editing
program like Adobe Photoshop. Resize the picture to 26½" x 18¼". Using a selection tool, divide
the image into twenty 5 3/8" x 4 5/8" squares, then digitally cut and paste
each square into a separate 5 3/8" x 4 5/8" file.
STEP 2: Print out each document onto 5" x 7" photo paper. Trim off any
white space.
STEP 3: Pop out the interior section (the round piece that the CD snaps
onto) of 20 standard jewel cases. Also remove the paper inserts.
STEP 4: Carefully trace one photo segment onto a piece of thin cardboard and cut; repeat 19
times. Use double-sided tape to attach one piece of cardboard to the back of every photo
segment; then slip each segment, image side up, into a CD case and close it. Repeat until every
photo sits inside a case.
STEP 5: With Velcro tape or mounting strips, affix the cases to the wall one at a time, making
sure to arrange them so the photo lies in the right order and the cases almost touch.
Read more: DIY Wall Art - Clear CD Case Art Project - Country Living
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