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Program Coordinator - Ecuador
International Development Studies
Program Director, Trent-in-Ecuador
Last Reviewed:
August 5, 1999
Job Purpose
Coordinate a year round abroad Program from Canadian Students by coordinating with newly
appointed Academic Coordinator and locals all the activities concerning arrival, immigration
procedures, visits with other instructors, group discussion meeting families, field trips, work
placement search and final evaluation.
Key Activities
1. Organize orientation Week Program with Academic Coordinator, organizing timetable to
allow for immigration procedures, visits, group discussions, health and safety procedure,
liaison with Canadian Ambassador and Canadian NGO in Ecuador.
2. Arranges for student accommodation with families by meeting with potential
candidates in advance, writing the formal contract, making sure students live in a safe,
caring environment.
3. Administrative work involving the Community. Placements identification of the
placement, agreements with national and international agencies; determination of
participants’ skills/interests. Preparation and allocation of participants; communication
between the parties evaluation of placements; final report to agencies. To make sure
4. Arranges for visiting speakers and field trips by contacting, meeting and hire them,
organizing transportation coordinating additional administrative support.
5. Cross cultural and non-academic counseling of students by meeting each of them, to
ensure they understand "things" that they may find strange or different about both
their family and/or community placement; also helping them to deal with their own
confusion that sometimes lead to physical illness or emotional problems.
6. Maintain detailed Program accounts for all monies transferred to Ecuador and prepared
financial statements with supporting documentation by keeping the books daily, input
them in the computer to submit monthly reports and quarterly statements.
Job Number: A-081
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Last updated: August 5, 1999
Analytical Reasoning
Indicate degree of complexity or difficulty of thinking and reasoning required by the job. Provide a
relevant work example that is typical of roles and responsibilities of the job (i.e. not an occasional duty).
Decision Making
Indicate the degree of freedom to exercise initiative or act independently in making day- to-day decisions.
Provide a relevant work example that is typical of roles and responsibilities of the job (i.e. not an
occasional duty).
Indicate the impact or consequence to the department or University of typical actions or decisions taken by
the job incumbent. Provide a relevant work example that is typical of roles and responsibilities of the job
(i.e. not an occasional duty).
General University Degree (3 year).
Experience Required
Minimum one year of related experience
Responsibility for the Work of Others
Direct Responsibility
Office Assistant in Ecuador
Indirect Responsibility
Work placement selection, follow up and evaluation
- Faculty to organize academic related activities
- Contractors - land lady, related meetings
- Student's - to help them to choose the most convenient community placement.
- Families where the student's live during 1st term
- NGO and Community leaders to organize work placement for each student
- Vendors - suppliers to buy stationary and other needed supplies.
Job Number: A-081
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Last updated: August 5, 1999
Motor/ Sensory Skills
Motor Skills:
Skill Type
Job Requiring
Data entry input, requiring accuracy
- Sustained Attention - Required to assess student's needs
- Walking, climbing, bending, reaching - Physical effort required to travel, in the country
side or in the rain forest
- Keyboarding - Input of financial data and email communication with Directors and coworkers
Working Conditions
Physical: n/a
- Conflicting work priorities - Dealing with time-pressured administrative deadlines and
the unpredictable problems that might occur when students are working in a foreign
- Interruptions
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Job Number: A-081
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Last updated: August 5, 1999
Job Number: A-081
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Last updated: August 5, 1999