Change of Placement Form

Change of Placement Form
This form is to be completed by any student who wishes to drop down to the next level in
any academic area. For example: 1) any honors or AP course to a regular course; 2)
Algebra 2 or Geometry to Liberal Arts Math
To Whom It May Concern:
I understand that school personnel have recommended that my child, __________________
in grade
, take
________ as their
academic placement for the 2014-2015 school year. The placement of my child in classes was
based on teacher recommendation EOC and/or FCAT scores.
I am requesting that my child be placed in
rather than the
suggested academic placement.
I fully understand that in choosing not to accept the recommendation of school personnel, I may
hinder my child’s ability to meet Bright Futures and State University System requirements for
I further understand that if I exercise my parental right to refuse these recommended classes I am
relieving East Ridge High School of all responsibility in this decision, and I will accept the
responsibility and consequences of my decision.
**This form is not a guarantee of a class change and will be accommodated only if class size
allows under Florida's Class Size Reduction Amendment. **
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