Association of Australasian Palaeontologists
I will not be attending the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Australasian
Palaeontologists to be held on 15 June 2015. I hereby indicate my intentions, votes
and views by using a tick, cross or other appropriate mark within or replacing the
relevant square.
I empower to act as my proxy at this meeting:
☐ the AAP Chair, or
☐ [print name of person attending] _________________________________
2. Ballot on proposed change of name of AAP to Australasian Palaeontologists
☐ I support the proposed name change to Australasian Palaeontologists
☐ I support a change of name to ___________________________________
☐ I support retention of the existing name Association of Australasian
4. Ballot on name of AAP biennial early career prize
The following candidates are proposed as eponyms for the AAP early career prize.
Names are listed in order of birth year. Brief outlines of each candidate, including
specialities and geographic ambit of activities within Australasia, are provided.
Please indicate one candidate only. Members may alternatively vote for a candidate
not listed, by writing in the preferred name.
☐ Nell Hooper Ludbrook (née Woods) (1907-1995): Cenozoic, Mesozoic,
late Palaeozoic invertebrates (molluscs, foraminifers); SA, Vic, Christmas
Biography and bibliography in ‘Stratigraphy, palaeontology, malacology.
Papers in honour of Dr Nell Ludbrook’. Dept of Mines & Energy South
Australia, Special Paper 5.
Obituary in The Australian Geologist 95 (June 1995), pp 48-49.
Biography at
☐ Mary Julia Wade (1928–2005): Cenozoic microfossils (foraminifers),
Mesozoic vertebrates (dinosaurs, marine reptiles) and invertebrates
(molluscs), early Palaeozoic invertebrates (molluscs), Ediacaran metazoans;
SA, Qld, NT.
Biographies at
☐ Elizabeth Marchant Truswell (née Kemp) (1941-): Cenozoic, Mesozoic,
mid-late Palaeozoic palynology; NT, WA, Tas, NSW, SA, SE Indian Ocean,
Ninety East Ridge, Southern Ocean.
Biographies at
☐ Dirk Megirian (1958-2009): Cenozoic vertebrates; SE Aust, Qld, NT.
☐ Candidate of my choice: ________________________________________
6. Honorarium to John Laurie for his years of service as editor of AAP Memoirs
☐ I do not support the proposed honorarium to the AAP Memoirs Editor
☐ I support the proposed honorarium to the AAP Memoirs Editor, in the range
Signed _________________________________
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