Field Equipment

Field Equipment:
o sturdy field boots with good ankle support
o day pack big enough to hold your water, lunch, jacket and mapping gear
o water bottles for 2-3 liters of water (4 liters if the weather is hot)
o sun hat; warm hat that covers your ears; gloves or mittens
o Sunscreen
o Brunton or other suitable compass for measuring strike & dip and sighting on objects
(you can borrow one from Division)
o hand lens
o rock hammer: a sledge hammer w/separate chisel if you have one
o small trowel or collapsible shovel for cleaning off exposures in soft materials
o clipboard with cover (to protect your map) (you can borrow one from the GPS Division)
o field pencils, pens, eraser, ruler
o drafting pens
o colored pencils
o camera
o pocket knife
o work gloves
o water shoes and shorts – we may get wet – who knows.
Camping equipment:
tent with rain fly (can be borrowed; see note below)
foam pad or thermarest (can be borrowed; see note below)
sleeping bag (can be borrowed; see note below)
flashlight or head lamp
Obviously you also want clothing, toiletries, socks, a towel. Please bring warm clothing.
Check the weather forecast for Moses Lakes. The weather will probably be similar. It may be
below freezing at night. Be prepared for cold and rain.
Other advice:
If you have a driver's license, please take the Division driving test so that you can be authorized
to drive the Division field vehicles.
If you don't have a sleeping bag, tent or foam pad you can arrange to borrow (rent) one from the
Caltech Y. In this case the GPS Division will pay for the cost of the rental. You are not allowed
to sleep in the field vehicles.
Please make sure you have filled out the online emergency contact information form and
submitted it to the Division Office. Please fill out another copy and bring it with you to the field
in a sealed envelope with your name written on the outside. This envelope should also include
information concerning any medications you are taking, and anything else that an emergency
room doctor might want to know about you, in the unlikely event that you have a medical
emergency. The envelope will be carried with us in the field and only opened if necessary.
Otherwise it will be returned to you unopened at the end of the last field trip.