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Mission Statement for:
(Business Name)
Find your farm’s mission with this simple brainstorming activity. To complete this activity, fill in the corresponding
boxes with your farm’s skills and abilities, personality traits, and values, dreams and passions. Once you are finished
brainstorming, summarize your farm in one to two sentences.
Step 1: List your farm’s skills and abilities. Most of these skills and abilities will be reflected in you
and your employees.
Examples: Can you grow a superior crop, supervise, plan, or reach out to your community?
Step 2: List your farm’s personality traits. Most of these traits will be a reflection of you and your
Ex. Hardworking, Creative, Adventurous, Loyal, Logical.
Step 3: List your farm’s values, dreams, and passions. What do you believe in and where do you
want to go?
Ex. Family-focused, leave farm in healthy condition to successors, community-focused, environmental
preservation, etc.
Sieverkropp Consulting LLC.
Step 4: Summarize Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 into one to two sentences. Try multiple variations
and/or combinations. Choose the best one as your mission statement.
Ex. “Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.” - AGCO
Step 5: Does your mission statement meet the following criteria?
Agrees with generic missions
Uses farm’s skills, traits, and values
Provides ongoing challenges
Provides inspiration and direction
 Thinks long term
Step 6: Implement, share, and display your mission statement.
Sieverkropp Consulting LLC.