Authors Point of View Worksheet

Author’s Point of View
A fact is something that is true and can be verified or proven to be true by checking other
sources. An opinion is belief or view point about the same topic. An opinion cannot be
proved by checking other sources.
1. Read the article below.
2. Highlight and Underline opinions (the U icon on the tool bar).
3. Highlight and change the color of the keyword that made the statement an
The following
words signal that a
statement is an
Many adjectives
are also a sign of
an opinion, such
as best, pretty,
and biggest.
Birds of Prey
Birds of prey are the most magnificent animals in the world. They
are excellent parents. Each day they clean their nests of eggshell
and bones so that other animals are not attracted to the nest.
They are the best hunters. Some such as the owl hunt at night
while others such as hawks and eagles hunt during the day.
Although the way they hunt is different from each other, the bird
of prey has the most extraordinary hunting skills of any bird.
Birds of prey are also spectacular fliers. Some are able to soar to
great heights and then plummet to the earth at up to 80 miles per
hour. In order to fly a bird needs three things, a light weight
body, strong muscles, and flight feathers. Without the flight
feather the birds would not be able to get off the ground.
Birds of prey are very important to the environment. They hunt
mice, rats, insects and other pests they destroy farm crops. They
also act as nature’s garbage collector eating dead and dying
animals that could spread disease and parasites. They are in
danger and many are protected by law.
People are the greatest threat to birds of prey. When we move
into a rural are we take away their homes and poison their food
with pesticides. Birds of prey protect and care for the world we
live in. We need to do our best to care and protect.
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