Bio200--Day 1 Study guide

Day 1 Study Guide
Relevant portions of text:
 “evolution the core theme of biology” pg 9 & section 1.2
 Section 1.3:
Objectives and Study Questions
1. Define Ecology
2. What are the biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem and give some examples of each
3. In what 2 primary ways do organisms interact with the abiotic and biotic aspects of their
4. What are some common problems that all organisms must solve?
5. What concept/mechanism has created the organismal diversity present on earth?
6. In a basic sense, how do evolution, diversity of life, and the environment organisms live in all
7. How is descriptive and experimental (hypothesis based) science different from one another?
8. What are the two primary types of hypothesis-based science? What are they both based on?
9. What is a hypothesis and what are the desirable qualities of a hypothesis?
10. How are qualitative and quantitative data different from one another?
11. How are experimental (independent) variables different from dependent variables?
12. What is a control group and why are they important (desirable)?
13. What are replicates?
14. Describe the common steps/stages of hypothesis based science.
15. What is inductive reasoning? How is it typically used in science?
16. What is deductive reasoning? How is it typically used in science?
17. What is a scientific theory.