Commitment Statement - NHS Education for Scotland

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is responsible for supporting NHS services in Scotland by
developing and delivering education and training for those who work in NHS Scotland.
The Early Clinical Career Fellowships (ECCF) is an exciting opportunity for nurses and
midwives who are committed to developing their leadership potential in the early stages of
their career. The Fellowships are funded by Scottish Government Health and Social Care
Directorate to support enthusiastic, motivated and talented nurses and midwives at an early
stage in their career to develop personally, professionally and academically.
National funded study leave is provided to enable line managers to release those on the
Fellowship for 360 hours per financial year – this equates to 7.5 hours per week for 48
weeks. The funding must be used to backfill the Fellows to undertake all aspects of the
Fellowship. These are: part-time nationally funded Masters Education, Action Learning (6
days per year), Masterclasses (2 days per year) and Mentorship.
There is a Board Lead in each Health Board who is the main point of contact for line
managers and Fellows. The list of Board Leads is available on the ECCF page on the NHS
Education for Scotland (NES) website at:
Fellows' Commitment
Commit to a three-year early
clinical career fellowship to
develop leadership potential.
Boards' Commitment
Commit to service level
agreement supporting
participation in the Fellowship
aligned to Board prioirities .
ECCF Project Team
Commitment Statement
Universities' Commitment
Provide post-graduate
education in a supportive and
encouraging environment.
Action Learning Set
Facilitators' Commitment
Manage financial arrangments,
recruitment and professional
development , and evaluation.
Provide consistent quality
action learning .
Financial Commitment per Fellow (approximation per annum)
Funded activity
Approximate cost for one year
Health Board study leave
University fees
Action Learning Sets
Fellow’s Commitment
By participating in and accepting funding from NES for ECCF from 1st September 2014 to 31st
August 2017, I confirm that I will undertake the following actions:
1. Attend all aspects of the Fellowship, some of which will be in my own time.
2. Maintain regular contact with my Line Manager, my Mentor for ECCF, NHS Board
Lead for ECCF and NHS Education for Scotland ECCF Project Team.
3. Participate in national evaluations of the Fellowship.
4. Advise all relevant people of any change to my contact details, i.e. (the Mentor for
ECCF, NHS Board Lead for ECCF and NES, ECCF Project Team). This includes a change
of address, telephone contact details and email address.
5. Submit interim learning reports at 6-monthly intervals to NES and my NHS Board –
Appendix 1.
6. Provide a final report to NES and my NHS Board on completion of the Fellowship. As
a minimum, the final report will clearly detail the learning outcomes I have achieved
through participation in the Fellowship – Appendix 2.
7. When requested, remain in contact with the NES ECCF Project Team beyond the
three years of my Fellowship to allow the impact of my Fellowship experience to be
8. Be aware that I will be liable for University fees associated with unsuccessful
completion of modules and for graduation ceremonies
If, for any reason, I can no longer participate in the Fellowship or wish to defer my
completion, I will notify the NES ECCF Project Team immediately.
I have reviewed the commitment and confirm that I agree with the above conditions
My intended learning outcomes for my ECCF Fellowship are:
Fellow’s Name.....................................................................
Appendix 1 - ECCF: Interim learning report template to be
completed in August and January of each year
Current postal address
Email address
Changes in employment
Attendance at Masterclasses and
Action Learning sets
(note any dates not attended)
Agenda For Change Band
University (include dates if
changing university and new
university detail)
Completed modules (include
name, reference number, dates)
Modules still to complete (include
Failed modules/concerns
Proposed title of Dissertation
Any comments /concerns
Please tell us about your successes
to share with our stakeholders
Please email to [email protected]
Thank you. We appreciate the time you have taken to complete this form.
Keeping up to date: Final Report Template (August 2017)
(if changed since applying, give
previous & new name)
Current postal address
Email address
Current Employer
Agenda For Change Band
Exit qualification if not Masters
Date of successful completion of
Masters course
Title of Dissertation
Did you achieve your intended
learning outcomes? If no, what
were your actual learning
Have you undertaken further
study since ECCF? If yes, please
provide details
Any comments
Tell us about your successes since
the ECCF to share with our
Please email to [email protected]
Thank you. We appreciate the time you have taken to complete this form.