Title of Primary Text None Course: Art Design 1

Title of Primary Text None
Course: Art Design 1-2
Instructor: Mary Wibberley
Introduction to class, Syllabus, Procedures, Grading
Distribute supplies; Demonstrate use of pen/nib/ink
History, evolution of the alphabet
Exercises on pen angle, slope, pen strokes.
Italic lowercase, copying shape exercises;
Flourishes, spacing and joining of letters;
Use of smaller nibs; alphabet sentences: students will use
sentences that incorporate the entire alphabet.
Students will learn how paper and ink are manufactured and view
samples of 100% cotton rag, papyrus, and a variety of papers.
Students will decide which types of materials are best for their own
calligraphic needs. Students will create ink with watercolor and
letter their name.
Italic capitals; Practice Capitals and learn how to center an
alphabet with specific margins, nibs and guidelines. Students will
design a creative border using only their pens and different patterns
and pen strokes; students will paint a decorated Xeroxed border to
demonstrate the use of other design ideas for art with projects and
incorporate illumination into the curriculum. Italic Test.
Italic Project: Quotation with artwork; margins, how to layout and
design a piece; spacing and choosing artwork using previously
demonstrated techniques, materials and ideas. Class critique when
finished with project.
Matting and framing work. Students will learn how to enhance
their calligraphic work with a variety of matting and color choices.
Numerals and envelope design; addressing formal envelopes:
different design styles using a variety of alphabets, nib sizes or
colored inks. Formal hand lettered work versus computer
generated fonts: often people want hand work in formal situations.
WEEK 7/ 8
Gothic lowercase, Gothic uppercase; Versals; Gothic test. Psalm
designed in a circle, square and one shape of choice.
Decorated Initial Project: after studying the History of Illuminated
Manuscripts, students will learn to enlarge a letter using a grid as
DaVinci did. They will decorate their letter using themes and
symbols to describe their personality, culture and interests.
Critique will follow. Students will write a self -evaluation
describing their symbols, meanings and use of color.
WEEK 10/11
Create a “ copy ready” design for a printer/xerox machine to make
multiple pieces of the same work. Students letter “I Believe” or
“Success” poem, or another inspirational poem, transfer to
designed borders, take to printer; decorate/paint after printed on
parchment for gifts. Ideas for making money using learned skills;
use of design and lettering in other classes (research projects,
language poster displays, science, etc.)
Research Project; History/evolution of the written alphabet using
Greek letters, Roman and Sinai Phoenician phonetic alphabet;
History of other types of communication including ideographs,
syllabaries and pictographs; Students research Native American,
Egyptian, Chinese letters. Students select one of these alphabets
and appropriate art work to enhance an original piece of prose,
poem or story written by the student. Critique/self evaluation.
ROMAN Capitals, Bookhand lowercase; practice alphabets after
learning basic shapes; adding serifs to enhance the simple Roman
lettering. Quotes from Lincoln. Roman/bookhand test; centered
Celtic Lettering; History of Gaelic lettering. Book of Kells;
Introduce Celtic art designs including knot work and decorative
intertwining designs to accompany Irish prayer. Centered
alphabet; Celtic test.
Making cards and envelopes: Christmas, Valentine, Birthday,
Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thank you; Selections to be created
at appropriate time of the year.
SEMESTER FINAL PROJECT: Students design, letter, illustrate
sew, bind and cover alphabet sampler single section book.
Preparation for Semester Final: single section sewn book
using selected quotes for each alphabet with illustrations or
decorations on each page.
Independent work on Final: Roman, Italic, Bookhand, Gothic and
Celtic alphabets to be used, creating one page for each alphabet.
Each page will include artwork. There will be a title page and
colophon. Demonstrations of sewing, binding and decorating book;
ideas for using skills in other fields (such as story books, gift cards
with sewn in pages.)
WEEK 19/20
Paper Making; use of fibers and dried flowers, reeds, preservatives,
binders;using clay molds to design hand made paper for cards or
decorative use. Bound single section Photo Book using handmade
paper for cover.
WEEK 21/22
Paper Decoration: marbling, miskit relief with inks, textured
papers, various sponge techniques. Using a biblical verse, students
will design an accordion book with hard cover and ribbon ties,
decorating paper with one of demonstrated techniques.
Textured lettering. Using pattern, stippling, hatching, cross
hatching or similar texture,; students will create an alphabet.
Students will illustrate their name with their designed alphabet
After reviewing illuminated manuscripts, the use of gold leaf for
artwork will be demonstrated and students will use medieval
techniques to create a gilded initial. Students will use gold leaf
initial and decoration techniques to design a bookmark to be
laminated, incorporating decorated initials, name, a religious quote
or verse.
WEEK 25/26
CD cover. Students will design a cover that would include song
titles and production information using favorite type of music and
computer generated lettering. Students will compose song titles
reflecting a chosen theme and create a CD design with cut and
paste of magazine or computer generated lettering and artwork.
Design must be original and not taken from “itunes”.
WEEK 27/28
Students will study TV commercials, bring in magazine ads and
create a poster to advertise a product (their CD cover?) or event.
Poster is to be computer designed lettering and cut/paste artwork.
Students will research and study commercial/grocery store shelves
and colors that attract public response and purchase data. They will
incorporate this information into a packaging design of the above
product. Evaluation will be done by peers deciding which product
they would choose to purchase.
WEEK 29/30
Students will choose a shape from nature (tree, flower, plant,
animal, etc.), write a poem expressing an emotion and place their
lettering design in the shape of the chosen natural object. The
choice from nature should reflect their feelings. Class critique will
be used for evaluation.
WEEK 31/32
Celtic Irish Blessing with painted Celtic cross or border.
Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gifts.
WEEK 34/35/36
FINAL PROJECT: Students will write a children’s storybook;
design pages, lettering and artwork. The book must have a moral
children can learn from, address a typical childhood problem or
teach something. They will sew and bind the book as well as
decorate the cover with a professional layout.