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We are delighted to announce the creation of the John Blundell Studentships initiative,
which will offer grants to pro-freedom students in the US and UK for postgraduate study.
John was a tireless promoter of the free society and the free economy. Teachers, students,
activists, professionals and politicians around the world were brought to an understanding of
these ideas, and to become activists themselves, through John’s unique efforts.
John sadly passed away a few months ago. The Studentships initiative continues his life’s
work of developing minds and ideas. It will offer grants to help talented, pro-freedom
students unable to fund themselves for postgraduate work. This program will create a new
generation of intellectual ambassadors for freedom around the world.
There is no more fitting memorial.
His wife, Christine Blundell, says, “John would have been delighted”.
We are seeking to raise a minimum of $100,000 a year for five years. This will enable 12
Studentships each year for postgraduates who will carry the torch as John did, and set their
own brush fires of freedom in his name.
Thank you for your consideration,
Dr Eamonn Butler
Director, Adam Smith Institute
The John Blundell Studentships initiative will give specific support to pro-freedom students who
have successfully completed a first degree, and would like to (and should) progress further, but
are prevented from doing so by financial constraints.
The Adam Smith Institute receives a number of these requests each year. It would be entirely
appropriate to support them in John’s name. We will also offer them internships during study
breaks if appropriate, to get first hand experience of public policy and advocacy work.
A typical annual grant would be for $8,000 (£5,000 GBP). Applicants can complete an application
form available on our website. They may apply for any course, university, or internship at an
appropriate policy body.
This was a cause that John was passionate about, and he devoted his considerable talent to
inspiring young people to pursuing classical liberal ideas.
We hope you will support this important initiative.
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