Sensory Light Box

To make a sensory light box:
Shopping list:
One large plastic bin with clear lid
Frost paint
Silver metallic paint
Two long fluorescent lights w/batteries (12 inch)
Two short fluorescent lights w/batteries (6 inch)
Opaque folders to be cut for objects
Heavy duty self-stick velcro
We took the bin and painted the inside with the silver metallic paint:
Next, we painted the inside of the lid with the opaque frosting:
Put light bulbs in the bottom of the box – the 12 inch ones go on the long side and the 6 inch ones go on
the short sides. (These are battery operated- but we did secure them so they stayed in place using selfsticking Velcro.)
Next, take the opaque folders and cut out shapes using the die-cut machine or just cut out your own
It’s ready for play: