Spring 2015 Bi-Election Nomination List NOSM Student Society

Spring 2015 Bi-Election Nomination List
NOSM Student Society (NOSMSS) Executive Position Nominations
1) NOSM Student Society- VP External Jr. (2 year term)
a. East/West Representative – e/w2013-2014
Fraser Johnson:
Hey folks, thank you for considering me for VP External Jr. I feel that I make an excellent candidate
for this position. Over the past 2 years at NOSM I have shown myself to be a dynamic leader and feel
that I am able represent NOSM students as I have found a balance between both academic and social
pursuits. As 2nd Year class representative I tried to remain approachable and maintain an open line of
communication between the NOSMSS and the students and if elected VP External Jr I will do the
Thanks again for considering me for the position.
Talia Ryan:
Hello All,
My name is Talia Ryan. I am running for the Vice President of External Communications Junior
position. As a previous member of the Ontario Medical Student Association Wellness Committee, I
feel confident and well appointed to represent the NOSMSS on the OMSA and the CFMS. Throughout
the past year, I have made professional connections with other students working within the OMSA.
These relationships will enhance my responsibility to act as a liaison with other VP of external
communications representatives from other medical schools.
As a second year student, I believe not having entered into clerkship yet will enhance my commitment
to my role in this position. The ability I have to be well adjusted in my studies and learning
environment will ground my efforts within this executive position. Further, I will be studying locally
at NOSM and will have convenient connection to the first and second year students on campus.
I have always been highly involved within educational committees. Currently, I am the president of
the Laurentian University Inter-professional Committee. This is a role that requires communication
between local health professionals but also with organizations and inter-professional societies at other
universities. Since being on this committee for the past two years, I have thoroughly developed my
communication skills having represented NOSM and Laurentian University. From the beginning
formations of this committee two years ago, the growth and progress have been exponential. We have
collaborated and built respectable ties with health professionals and organizations within Sudbury. As
a result, Laurentian University and NOSM will be hosting their very first simulation challenge this
Subsequently, I have a representative role on the Government Affairs Advocacy Committee at NOSM.
This position has enhanced my understanding of the community needs within the local areas of
Sudbury and Thunder Bay. This year our goal was to advocate for the local poverty and homeless at
the governmental level to create positive change. Specifically, we highlighted the need for local harm
reduction centers for these populations. Participating in these advocacy efforts has provided insight in
how to effectively communicate and exemplify our voice as medical students. As a committee, we also
took letter writing training and are arranging media training in order to better our communication skills
with governmental and parliament members.
This summer, I will be participating in two studentships abroad with involvement through the
International Federation of Medical Students’ Association. Here, I will be networking and learning
from medical students from around the globe! I plan on sharing the insights I gain from these
opportunities with the students at NOSM so that we can collaborate and compete at the international
With pleasure and enthusiasm, I plan on utilizing my experience and developing knowledge as tools to
appropriately represent NOSM as a liaison with the OMSA and CFMS. I look forward to honouring
my commitment within this role. I am excited to access and share information and opportunities with
the NOSM family. I take pride in the success of our students and feel strongly that I can complement
that success.
2) NOSM Student Society - VP Education Jr. (2 year term)
a. East/West Representative – e/w2013-2014
Mara Hollingsworth:
My name is Mara Hollingsworth and I am a 3rd year student from the west campus eager to fulfill the
role of VP of Education Jr.
Why should you elect me for this position?
I am the kind of person who strives to ameliorate the learning experiences of my peers. This can be
shown through my work with the sponsorship committee, OSCE interest group, and exam prep cue
card/power point quizzes (the last point has been mainly for my west classmates... Sorry to those on
the east!). These examples also demonstrate my skills as a collaborator which would be an essential
role for this position. I would love to be able to work together with the student body and help address
issues with the curriculum that students may be facing. Finally, I am very hard working and dedicated
when it comes to matters that I am passionate about such as education. I would love to help assure that
everyone gets the most out of their time here at NOSM.
Please vote for me as the VP of Education Jr. to ensure an effective and supportive student academic
Thank you and have a great summer,
Alisha Greer:
During the past two years at NOSM, I have noticed several opportunities to improve our curriculum
and medical experiences. When talking with other classmates, I have noticed many of us often share
the same opinions about certain elements of our curriculum. For example, our class had noticed that
ECG interpretation was an area of collective weakness and most of us found the session on academic
week this past year very helpful. I would like to continue these types of initiatives and work with other
NOSM learners to choose topics that are most useful. During the past year as the Pharmacology
Interest Group Representative, I have contributed to improving my fellow students' academic
experience by increasing exposure to pharmacology and therapeutics. I am approachable and will
communicate with all NOSM learners to ensure everyone’s input is received. I would like to advocate
for fellow students to ensure we receive the best possible education.
Alisha Greer
NOSM Committee Positions
3) Student Graduation Committee (1 year term)
a. West Campus Representative – w2012
4) Academic Council (2 year term)
a. East Campus Representative –e2013
-Kristen Zahn
5) Government Affairs Advocacy Committee (2 year term –until Fall)
a. East or West Campus Representative –e/w2013-2014