Japan Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

Japan Crossword Puzzle Worksheet
Across Continued
15. The Japanese art of folding paper into shapes
and figures
2. A Japanese form of fencing with two handed
bamboo swords that started as a safe way to train a 16. Traditional Japanese masked drama with song
and dance that originated in Shinto rites of passage
3. A Japanese form of heavyweight wrestling in
which a person wins by pushing is opponent out of
the ring
6. The largest of the four main islands of Japan
1. A Japanese dish of shellfish, fish, or vegetables
that have been fried in batter
8. A country of the Asian continent
3. The smallest main island of Japan
9. A Japanese poem that has only seventeen
syllables, usually about nature
4. Fuji An extinct volcano in south central Honshu
Japan, it is the highest point in Japan
11. A member of a powerful military organization in
feudal Japan
5. A rush covered straw mat that is used as a
traditional floor covering in Japan
12. A Japanese dish that is made of small balls or
rolls of cold cooked rice that has been flavored with
vinegar and served with vegetables, egg, or raw
7. A city of southwest Honshu, Japan, it was
destroyed in World War II by the first atomic bomb
used in warfare (August 6, 1945).
13. The capital of Japan, formerly called Edo
10. A Japanese quilted mattress that is rolled out on
the floor for use as a bed
14. The basic monetary unit of Japan