The Dutch Trade in Japan

The Dutch Trade in Japan
First European Contacts
• Portuguese
– 1543
– Introduced
– 1549Missionaries settle
Japanese “Seclusion”
• Tokugawa Shogunate 1603
– Increasing restrictions on Catholic Missionaries
– Persecution of Christianized Japanese
• Sakoku Edict of 1635
– Japanese forbidden to leave
– Catholicism forbidden
– European Trade limited
Dutch Trade
• 1600- Liefde, Will Adams
• Attractive to Japanese
– Opposed to Spanish and Portuguese
– Protestant- helped suppress a revolt by Christian
– Willing to accept Japanese restrictions
Trade post on Dejima
• Dutch limited to Isle of
Dejima (outside
Nagasaki) 1641
• Subject to intense
• Annual visit to Edo
• VOC and personal trade
From Japan to Europe
• Porcelain
Lacquer work
The Japanese in the European World
From Europe to Japan
• Western Philosophy
• Medicine
• Natural resources
In fiction:
Unanswered Questions
• How the “Middling Sorts” knew about
Japanese Products?
• How “Orientalism” informed images of Japan
in the popular imagination?
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