Actions to promote the green economy in Antigonish

Actions to promote the green economy in Antigonish
Local and sustainable food
1. Get the town growing food
 Incorporate edibles into town gardening plan
 Revive/expand the VOICES veg boxes
 Get more businesses involved in planting and maintaining veg boxes
 Develop “garden light” project - learn to garden for people who don’t garden, just
want small gardens/containers
 Work with schools to incorporate growing food into the curriculum
2. Promote local fisheries:
 Expansion of Off the Hook into area using Antigonish Farmers Market as drop off
 “get to know your fishermen” events
 Cooking classes – preparing “underloved” species of fish
 Filleting classes
3. Promote local food and local food producers:
 Artisan trails
 Cooking classes
 Food festivals
 Develop a community kitchen to plan menus and cook together
4. Increase institutional demand for and supply of local food and fisheries products
 Work with institutional buyers to increase demand for locally-produced food
 Establish local food hub to consolidate produce from multiple local market
gardens/farms, in order to supply larger quantities for institutional buyers and
 Work with local retailers (smaller shops) and institutional buyers (StFX, GASHA,
nursing homes etc.) to source local, sustainable seafood
Green Enterprise
5. Develop and promote eco-tourism in our area:
 Trails, linked with sustainable B&Bs, local food, drop off/pick up transport services,
hiking/guiding services
 Expand tuna charter and whale watch to other species in need of conservation
 Greening existing cultural and tourism activities
6. Develop green retail opportunities in Antigonish:
 Potential for local store like P’lovers in Halifax (could local food store do this?)
Develop virtual information network on where to buy recycled, re-purposed,
sustainable, fair trade goods
7. Green cleaning services “Queen of green clean” – including hints on going green, organizing
8. Green transport – options for inter-town travel, links between campuses and shopping
9. Greening construction - reducing waste by replicating Habitat’s RESTORE here
 promoting green building through regular get-togethers for people interested in and
doing green housing to share information and ideas
10. Green finance for start-up and expansion of green enterprises
 Crowd-sourcing
 Green CEDIFs
 Chase the ace
11. Let’s Connect Antigonish (Local Economic Trade) group
Green economy policy and strategy
12. Look for opportunities in our local governments to promote the green economy
 Work toward green building codes
 Community Energy Strategy
13. Contribute to the EGSPA Green Economy Strategy:
 Invite Minister Delorey and Minister Samson to meet with us
 Green CEDIFs or other start-up funding for green enterprises
 Green building codes (e.g. grey water recycling, solar-ready, sustainable materials
14. Contribute to NS Electricity Reform Act review, promoting incentives for renewable energy
generation on farms (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass) and for reducing energy
consumption on farms (insulating cold stores, using biodiesel)
Continuing/expanding the conversations
15. Promote green economy ideas:
 Townhouse lecture series
 Sustainability café (Sustainable Antigonish)
 Run KTGE again for a new group
 Regular get togethers for people interested in green economy ideas