Team Debate (handout)

Team Debate
1) A question card is picked and each team is assigned a side to argue.
2) The question is projected on the screen. Write down the entire question, and
circle the side you were assigned to argue.
3) On own (3 minutes) – Take notes on REASONS why your side is the better
choice. This is NOT the time to attack your opponents’ side.
4) Pair and Share (3 minutes) – Discuss with a partner. Share reasons and
expand on them. Create good EVIDENCE and EXAMPLES to support your
5) Group Brainstorm with Four (4 minutes) – Discuss and Take Notes on
possible ways to attack your opponents’ choice.
6) Cards – You should have two cards, each with your name on it. These are
your tickets to speak. As you speak the teacher will take your card.
You must use a card if you wish to speak during initial arguments, as well as during
rebuttals. You cannot speak for more than 1 minute, and someone must “tag” in
before the speaker’s minute elapses.
Bent elbow on desk with card in the air = ready to talk
Straight arm in the air = want to add to the comment being made
7) Initial Arguments (5 minutes each) – Team One presents their argument.
Team Two presents their argument.
During the initial argument phase when your opponent is presenting their side you
should be taking notes on things in their argument that you can attack during the
counterclaim / rebuttal round.
8) Individual Rebuttal Write (2 minutes) – Take notes on specific parts of your
opponents’ argument you would like to rebut.
9) Rebuttal Round (3 minutes each) – Each rebuttal will be limited to attacking
one claim per person.