Your [NPD Department, Education Department, etc.] celebrates

Your [NPD Department, Education Department, etc.] celebrates Nursing Professional Development
Week September 20-26, 2015. Please join us in thanking our colleagues for all they do.
Our nursing professional development (NPD) specialists provide our nurses with education to ensure
that our patients receive high quality, safe patient care that aligns with the latest evidence-based
Our NPD colleagues provide the following programs: [Alter the list as needed]
Transition to practice programs
Competency assessment (for new hires and routinely thereafter)
Continuing education contact hours
Education on use of new equipment/policies & procedures
Coordination of student affiliations (contracts, scheduling, orientation, parking passes, etc.)
We have our NPD department to thank for our successful [Quality initiatives such as
Magnet®/Research/Evidence-based practice initiative/The Joint Commission accreditation]
Many of our NPD specialists have demonstrated their expertise in their specialty by becoming board
certified in nursing professional development. [Consider listing NPD specialists who are certified]
[Insert a quote from the director of your department congratulating the department for all their hard
work or on a recent accomplishment]
You NPD specialists are always willing provide career development counseling. Are you interested in
enrolling in a program or going back to school? Seeking specialty certification? Transitioning to another role?
Visit our NPD Department today, or contact them at, or call NPD Specialist at ext. XXXX
to set up an appointment.