Absolute Phrases

Absolute Phrases
Practice 1
1. Then the rope tightened mercilessly while Buck struggled in fury, his tongue lolling out of his
mouth and his great chest panting.
2. His head aching, his sore throat, he forgot to light the cigarette.
3. I looked across to a lighted case of Chinese design which held delicate-looking statues of horses
and birds, small vases and bowls, each set upon a carved wooded base.
4. I was awake for quite a long time, thinking about things and watching Catherine sleeping, the
moonlight on her face.
5. The dinosaur ran, its pelvic bones crushing aside trees and bushes, its taloned feet clawing
damp earth, leaving prints six inches deep wherever it settled its weight.
6. She was now standing arms akimbo, her shoulders drooping a little, her head cocked to one
side, her glasses winking in the sunlight.
7. And then, his feet sinking in the soft nap of the carpet, his hand in one pocket clutching the
money, he felt as if he could squeal or laugh out loud.
8. Within, you could hear the signs and murmurs as the furthest chambers of it died, the organs
malfunctioning, liquids running a final instant from pocket to sac to spleen, everything
shutting off, closing up forever.
Practice 2
1. One customer in the line spoke out and ranted continuously about the unfair price, the other
customers rallying and demanding the same reduction in the cost.
2. Several dancers near the band joined together and moved quickly into two lines, one couple
heading and leading the rest through the complicated steps.
Practice 3
1. The youngest brother was nearby resting, all his work over.
2. As soon as it was over, they pranced around Gracie like courtiers, Paul wooing her disgustingly
with his stretched smiles.
3. Later, so happy, he held the baby soothingly, and brought the music box to her and wound the
toy up, his voice singing with it.
4. The student teacher erased everything quickly and, with a hurried cover-up, started to call out
the spelling words for us, her embarrassment definitely coming from her misspelling on the