Cowboy Webquest Packet

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Cowboy Webquest
Instructions: Go to the website listed below and read through each of the sections listed on the left
side of the screen. Each section will include directions and links to various readings and activities.
After completing each section, answer the questions below.
Type in the website EXACTLY as it is written here.
History of Ranching
1. How did the Texas longhorn originate?
2. How much could ranchers get for a head of cattle in the south? How much in the north?
3. Where did cowboys herd the cattle during the 1840’s and 50’s?
4. List some of the problems with this trail.
5. What other trails opened up in the 1860’s?
6. When did the cattle drives begin each year? Why?
7. How long did the era of the long drive last?
8. Why did the cattle drives come to an end? (List 4 reasons)
The Real American Cowboy
1. What is the primary function of a cowboy’s clothing?
2. Why are boots made with a pointed toe?
3. What is the purpose of spurs?
4. What is a trail drive?
5. Who leads the trail drive?
6. Did cowboys own their horses? What do they own?
7. What important skill must a cowboy have?
Cowboy: Myth or Truth?
1. The cowboy life was glamorous.
2. Most cowboys had small or medium physical frames.
3. A cowboy would ride his favorite horse all day.
4. Many Texan cowboys were Mexican or African American.
5. Most Texas cowboys were older, experienced wranglers.
6. Women could not be cowboys.
7. Cowboys often had to fight off Native Americans.
8. The word “cowboy” was invented in Texas.
The Cowboy Relaxes
1. What “after dinner” activities did cowboys participate in?
2. After the trail drive, how would the cowboys spend their earnings?
3. In what ways are cowboys of the 1800’s similar to you?
Cowboy Roping
1. How did learning to use the rope help the cowboy?
2. What skills will you learn in your youth that you will use all through your life?
The Chuckwagon
1. Who invented the chuckwagon?
2. List two other accomplishments of this person.
3. What were some of the typical foods found in the chuckwagon? (List 5 items)
4. What items were served at every meal?
Complete the “Stock the Chuckwagon” game then answer the following question.
1. What foods do you typically pack on long road trips?
2. How does your list differ from the trail cook’s list, and why?
3. Were there any items that you were surprised to see included on the chuckwagon?
Which items, and why?
Jobs Along the Trail
Write the name of the position next to the job descriptions below.
1. Makes sure that cattle do not wander too far away from the herd.
2. Generally a young boy who wants to be a cowboy. Drives the remuda
3. Most experienced; in charge of the entire operation while on the trail.
4. A former cowboy who is either too old for the more difficult work or has been hurt.
5. Sets the pace for the drive and leads steers in the right direction.
6. Must endure dirt and dust kicked up by the herd; pushes slower cattle forward.
7. Rides a third of the way back from the front of the herd.
8. _______________
8. _______________
Point Men, Remuda, Flank, Swing, Wrangler,
Chuckwagon/Cook, Drag, Trail Boss
Label the positions on the cattle drive as described in
the reading. Terms to use:
The Cattle Drive Crew
Use the information from the website to fill in the diagram below.
Ranch Brands
Practice reading the brands below.
1. _____________________
2. ________________________
3. ________________________
4. ________________________
5. ________________________
6. ________________________
Create your own brand, then write out the name of your ranch below.
1. What is the name of your brand?
2. Explain the parts of your brand.
3. Why did you choose this design?
4. Modern companies have “brands” that we identify with their products. List 2 companies
and describe what their brand looks like.
The Devil’s Rope
1. What is “the devil’s rope”, and how did it earn this nickname?
2. Who was the inventor?
3. What were the Fence Cutter Wars?
4. Which Texas Ranches supported the use of barb wire fencing?
5. 570 different types of barb wire were created during this time period. Looking at the
examples of antique barb wire, explain how the various strands were named.
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