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Who We Are
Founded in 2005, SeQuential
Pacific Biodiesel is a jointventure between SeQuential
Biofuels of Oregon and Pacific
Biodiesel of Maui, Hawaii. As
the longest-running
commercial biodiesel
producer in the Pacific
Northwest, SeQuential Pacific
is deeply committed to
improving the environment
and invigorating the local economy by providing a clean burning, renewable
fuel that is sustainably produced from regionally sourced feedstocks. SeQuential
Pacific makes its biodiesel from recycled cooking oil collected from thousands of
restaurants and businesses throughout the region. Every drop of oil the company
collects is turned into biodiesel that is then distributed back into the local
What’s the Impact?
In 2012 SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel produced just over 5 million gallons of
biodiesel. With up to 78% fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful
gasses than petroleum diesel, biodiesel yields significant environmental benefits.
The 5 million gallons SeQuential Pacific produced is enough to offset nearly 10
million gallons of carbon. That’s the same as:
Replacing 98 thousand incandescent light bulbs with CFLs
Not driving for 86 million miles, or nearly 28 thousand coast to coast trips
across the US.
Planting 27 thousand trees
Fuel Up. Feel Good.
Buying SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel
products helps to improve the
environment and support the local
economy. A complete list of retail
locations is available at
For more information, please contact Rachel Shaver at (503)-351-6839