Position: Machine Laboratory Supervisor, Instructor
Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Technology Education, Technology or
related field. The ability to teach laboratory-based instruction in engineering or engineering technology; experience
in machining, use of CAD/CAM software, supervision and/or operation of a full service machining operation, and
relevant safety training.
Preferred: Masters degree
Responsibilities: Teach two classes in engineering or engineering technology each semester. Supervision of
engineering and engineering technology laboratories and equipment including installation, maintenance, and
monitoring machines, equipment, tooling, supplies, and engineering software. Train and supervise engineering &
technology students, assist faculty, and other authorized personnel in the safe, efficient operation of all machinery,
equipment, and tooling in all engineering laboratories. Maintain supplies and safety equipment, estimate and revise
laboratory budgets in coordination with the Director of the School of Engineering.
See: http://www.wiu.edu/employment/faculty-admin.php?id=973
William F. Pratt, Ph.D.
Director, School of Engineering
Western Illinois University, Quad Cities Campus
Caxton Block, 1701 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265-1384
Ph: 309-757-4780
Cell: 309-948-4942
Email: [email protected]
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