Creating an Artist Statement!

Creating an Artist Statement!
An artist statement is an integral part of an artist’s marketing
process. It captures your philosophy so clients can better
understand your work
Within a statement, an artist is indicating to the public what
they are trying to accomplish, the aims in the artists sharing
their work, and philosophy of life.
Simplistic. So that artists and non-artist minds can think
alike and have a similar idea of the work you are trying to
convey to the public!!!!
Tips for writing an Artist Statement
Why have you chosen to create your particular
2.) What is the role of color, texture, motion in your work?
3.) What medium did you use? IS there anything unusual
about the way you employ it?
4.) Does emotional, social, or political content play a part
in your work?
5.) What does your art say about your ideals?
6.) How do you feel when creating?
7.) How do you want others to respond?
8.) What are the themes and/or issues of your work?
9.) Is there something that people don’t understand about
your work that you want to address?
*In order to create a truthful statement, it is essential
to know who you are and why you create the art you