UNIT 4: THE WAR Vocabulary PART 1 1. Ambush: K: A surprise

Vocabulary PART 1
1. Ambush: K: A surprise attack
2. Blockade: D: Cut off an area by means of troops or war ships to stop supplies or people from
coming in or going out
3. Citizen:
C: Person who owes loyalty to and is entitled to the protection of a state or nation
4. Conflict: J: Struggle for power or property
5. Congress: A: Group of people who are responsible for making the laws of a country
6. Democracy: O: Form of government in which people choose leaders by voting
7. Desert: E: To leave without permission
8. Dictator: B: Leader who rules with total authority, often in cruel or brutal manner
9. Domestic Tranquility: I: Maintaining peace within a nation
10. Higher Law:
N: Divine or moral law, superior to enacted legislation
11. Inalienable Rights:
can’t be taken away
12. Privateer:
13. Recruit:
14. Repeal:
15. Revolution:
F: rights that are not bestowed upon us by laws but are natural and
L: armed private ship
H: to enlist soldiers into the army
G: to cancel an act or law
M: forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new