Rules & Regulations - Catholic Community of Gonzales and Waelder


CCD Rules & Regulations

1. Absences must not exceed 6 days in the entire CCD year Any time your child is absent it is the parents’ responsibility to check with the CCD office or catechist for make-up work and to obtain information that went home that evening.

2. Advancement to the next higher class in the CCD program must be attained by enrollment, and attendance in class the previous year. Class participation is mandatory. Books and other materials given by the catechist must accompany the student to all classes.

3. Any student needing an Early Dismissal must come to the CCD office to be picked up and be signed out.

Mass & Sacraments

CCD is an extension of the student's public education where stress is exerted in the direction of religion and moral values. Attending

CCD classes once a week is only the beginning of the students’ introduction to their faith. Attendance and participation at weekly

Sunday mass is a requisite to successful completion of the student's classes. Participation in Holy Day Celebrations and other extracurricular church activities must be encouraged by the parents of the students.

Parent’s participation, when requested, is as necessary as the student's. The most important thing you need to know about your children's religious education is this: You are now and always will be the main religious educators of your children. They follow your examples.

Behavior & Dress

Behavior of the students shall be such as to emulate an academic atmosphere. Respect must be shown to the catechist , other students, the church, and the classrooms. Failure to comply shall result in the following: the student will first be sent to the CCD office. The second offense, or very serious, it will be brought to the attention of the parents by the CCD administrator. If there is a third time, the parent must accompany the child to the next class. If no improvement is forthcoming, the student will be dismissed from classes.

While there is no dress code, we ask that the students dress respectfully. Please no short shorts, no low cut, tightly or form fitting clothes, no tank tops/muscle shirts, pajamas, or slippers and etc. Will not be allowed in the building or in the church

CCD Classroom Rules:

1. No fighting or any sort of rude behavior (talking during class time is rude behavior.)

2. The rooms should always be left clean ! Please pick up after yourself if there is food that is brought into the classroom.

3. If anything is broken or vandalized by a student in a classroom, the student must write a note of apology and replace the item.

4. Students are not to go into any classroom where a teacher or an adult is not present.

5. Nothing is to be brought into the classroom except the supplies needed for CCD classes. Please do not bring cell phones , headphones, video games, etc. These items will be taken from the students and held in the CCD office until the student's parent comes to get them.

6 . As mandated by the Archdiocesan Office of Religious Education, all students in grades K-9 must be physically “signed out” of their Class by a parent or designated adult. We need to follow this policy faithfully. We could be audited.

(No younger sibling is allow to signed out another sibling they have to be 18 and over to do so)

I have read the above CCD rules and regulations. I understand them and agree to support Catholic Community of Gonzales &

Waelder Religious program.

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