Research Outline

Name: ______________________
Date: ________________________
My plate boundary is located in _______________, and it a ______________boundary.
Explain how this boundary works. Use these vocabulary words to explain this: Continental Drift,
Tectonic plates, lithosphere, mantle, crust (continental and oceanic), outer core, inner core, fossils,
asthenosphere, crustal features, subduction, convergent, divergent, transform, fault, hotspot, seismic
waves, earthquakes, mid ocean ridge, volcano, magnetic reversal, sea floor spreading, trench, density,
convection, fault block mountains, folded mountains, uplift, island, Ring of Fire, Pangaea, lava, magma,
molten, satellite evidence, geology
Draw an example of this boundary.
What is the consequence of this boundary? Ex.) earthquakes or mountain range
Give a detailed description of this. Ex.) How often do they have earthquakes?
What is the culture of the area you are researching? Explain in detail.
How is this culture affected by the plate boundary? Ex.) How do they prepare for earthquakes or
Himalayas and Andes- How is communication and transportation affected by the mountain range?
Japan- How is the farm land affected by volcanoes and earthquakes and volcanoes?
Iceland- How does the heat from the divergent boundary make Iceland a sustainable place to live?
Siberia- How do the people use the lake?