Michael Winges

Jonathan Kwong
Richard Feinberg
CSR 309
11 March 2009
Michael Winges
Michael Winges, 23, was born and raised in Burnsville, Minnesota, a city 15 miles South
of downtown Minneapolis. When time permits, Michael spends time with family and friend.
Known for his lasagna, Michael enjoys cooking at family dinners as well as attending hockey
games with his father. His favorite past time, hockey, has allowed him to travel the world
through an all-state team. Despite no longer playing competitive hockey, Michael’s love of
athletics transcends to his participation in fantasy sports, which allows him to stay up-to-date
with his favorite teams and continue to compete against his peers.
In addition to being family oriented, Michael is a dedicated and hard-working student.
Currently studying Financial Counseling and Planning at Purdue University, he will graduate in
May 2009. Without immediate marriage plans, he wants to establish himself in the working
world. After holding a myriad of jobs from finance internships at UBS Financial Services to
working at golf courses, he hopes to eventually find work at a financial group. He is interested
in working with wealth and asset management. As an avid hockey fan and player, Michael
hopes to be a youth coach in his spare time.
In the distant future, Michael plans to attend business school for an MBA. He hopes to
eventually establish himself in the finance world, maybe even start his own financial group. The
future bodes well for Michael. His sense of responsibility and individuality will allow him to
succeed in any circumstance.