Lab Safety Contract

Biology 1 Lab Safety Contract
This science class is intended to be fun and to give you lots of hands-on experience. In order for the labs to
be fun and beneficial for everyone, safety rules must be observed. Sign and date the contract at the bottom
and have a parent/guardian sign as well, and then return to the teacher. Keep another copy with you at all
times in your biology notebook. Know the rules and procedures because you will be held accountable for
1. Read the lab instructions before beginning. MANY accidents can be avoided by simply knowing what
to do and what you are doing.
2. Tie back long hair, roll up long sleeves, and put away any dangling jewelry. Make sure backpacks and
other belongings are off the table and put away where no one could trip on them.
3. If you don’t understand a part of the lab or how to use a piece of equipment, don’t guess, ask your
4. Know what to do in case of a fire drill.
Safety Equipment
1. Know how to use and where to find the eye wash, fire blanket, safety shower, and spill clean-up
2. Always wear goggles if glass, chemicals, or heat are being used in the lab.
3. Heated glass and metal can stay hot for a long time. Use a hot pad or hot glove to touch materials
even if the hot plates have been turned off.
4. Wear gloves if any chemical is being used that is dangerous or can irritate the skin.
Avoiding Hazards
1. Absolutely NO food, drink, or gum is allowed during a lab! Do not use lab equipment as containers
for anything else other than what it is intended for.
2. NO horseplay, practical jokes, or other inappropriate behavior. It can be extremely dangerous to
yourself and others in the room.
3. Perform ONLY the experiment you are assigned, unless you have approval from your teacher for
further exploration.
4. NEVER leave your experiment unattended. Someone in your group must be at your lab station at all
5. Double check the labels of all chemicals and other substances being used. Make sure that you label
your own samples clearly.
6. Keep the caps and tops on containers when they are not in use. Never switch the caps.
7. Never touch, taste, or sniff any chemical unless you are told to do so by the teacher.
8. Never use your mouth to suction a chemical, even if it is just water.
9. Make sure your hands are dry before touching cords, plugs, or outlets.
10. When using knives, scalpels, scissors, pins, or other sharp tools, carry them with the tips down and
away from you. Hold them only by their handles. Cut away from your body. Never try to catch a
falling tool or try to take it out of the hands of a group member.
11. Keep anything flammable far away from open flames. This includes paper, hair, books, and clothing.
12. Do not put hot glassware in water – it will shatter.
13. No chemical, tool, or specimen is to leave the classroom EVER for any reason.
Clean Up
1. Always wash your hands after the lab, even if you wore gloves.
2. Never put any chemicals down the drain or specimens in the garbage unless instructed to do so.
Dispose of chemicals and specimens in designated containers.
3. Wipe off the counters at your lab station. Rinse and dry all tools and glassware you used.
In Case of an Accident
1. Tell your teacher immediately about any accident, spill, cut, burn, or other injury no matter how
small it seems.
2. Do not handle broken glassware or blades with bare hands. Ask a teacher to help you dispose of
them properly.
3. If you get a chemical on your skin, wash it immediately with plenty of water and soap. If any
chemical gets in your eyes, use the eye wash station for at least 10 min.
4. Keep track of all your chemicals and tools so the proper measures can be taken in case of an
1. Do you wear contact lenses?
2. Are you color blind?
3. Do you have any allergies to latex, chemicals, or anything else?
Your Responsibility
Be responsible; your grade depends on it. You may be banned from labs for carelessness, inappropriate
behavior, or endangering yourself or others even if it did not cause an accident. No student may
participate in a lab until the safety contract is returned and the student has passed the lab safety quiz.
(your name) agree to follow the teacher’s instructions,
protect my eyes, face, hands, and body during the lab, to behave myself appropriately, and abide by all
the safety rules explained above. I understand that any violation may result in my being removed from
the lab.
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