Minutes of the meeting held
Monday 16th June 2014- 5pm
Steve Payne (Chair)
Kate Haynes
Judith Davies
Abi Beacon DH ( observer)
6.1 Apologies for Absence
Rita Singh, Rowena Criddle, Claire Lawton (Observer)
6.2 Minutes of the last Meeting
These were confirmed.
6.3 Matters Arising
6.4 Overview of the Thinking Schools Initiative
JD explained that all the Thinking Hats had been introduced to pupils and were in
operation within the classroom across the whole curriculum. It was exciting to
see pupil’s growing independence and initiative in using them.
A staff ‘Think Tank’ has been established to manage the day to day
implementation of Thinking Skills and to have input into how Thinking Skills is
developed. This is made up of 9 staff from Nursery to Year 6 and includes
Teachers and Teaching assistants.
The whole staff received training on Thinking Hats in May and we are part way
through introducing them to pupils at the moment; white and red hat having
been introduced a fortnight ago and this fortnight black and yellow hat being
used. They have been well received by pupils and are being used extensively to
support parallel thinking! AB reported that Y3/4 had used all 4 hats to risk assess
their trip to Cosmeston Lakes.
Training is already booked for September for Habits of Mind which is the third
main pillar in developing Danescourt Primary School into a Thinking School.
Five members of staff have attended the National Thinking Schools Conference in
Swindon this week joining with representatives of schools from around the
6.5 Review of the Emotional Literacy Programme
From September it is planned to reshape the way that the school delivers
Emotional Literacy;
 Emma Loney will be working increased hours as an Emotional Literacy
Support Assistant and will be doing more work with vulnerable families
 We will be replacing SEAL with ‘You Can Do It!’ an Australian Emotional
DPS GB Teaching And learning Sub Committee- minutes 16.6.14
Literacy Programme. JD went to visit an ‘outstanding ‘ school in Cumbria last
week who were commended by OFSTED for the use of this programme and
Danescourt Primary and St. Pauls are going to pilot the use of this
programme in Cardiff
We are going to use the R Time programme to facilitate vertical nurture
groups within school and to reinforce school values and ‘Habits of Mind.’
6.6 Review of Cluster of Subject Policies
Draft policies for Modern Foreign Languages, English Music and ICT considered. A
couple of small typos were corrected.
It was agreed to take the policies forward for approval at the Full Governing Body
Meeting on 26.6.14.
JD to make alterations and upload the policies ready for approval.
6.7 Any Other Business
None raised.
The meeting ended at 5.50pm
Date of the Next Meeting TBC
DPS GB Teaching And learning Sub Committee- minutes 16.6.14