Nuclear Reactions, Chapter 16, Section 2

Nuclear Reactions, Chapter 16, Section 2
Atomic Structure:
Nucleus with Protons (+) and Neutrons (neutral)
Electrons surround nucleus (-)
Nuclear Reaction:
Process that changes the nucleus of an atom
Releases energy
Produces radiation (Alpha particles, Beta particles, and gamma radiation)
Two types of nuclear reactions: Fission and Fusion
Nuclear Fission:
A large nucleus is split into 2 smaller nuclei
Releases a large amount of energy
Mass is converted into energy
Occurs in power plants (controlled reaction)
Occurs in atomic explosions (uncontrolled reaction)
Nuclear Fusion:
Two or more nuclei are joined together to form a larger nucleuss
Requires high temperature
Occurs naturally in the sun
Hydrogen atoms join together to produce helium atoms
Releases large amounts of energy
Nuclear fission
Nuclear Fusion