Atomic Fission and Chain Reactions File

Atomic Fission and Chain Reactions
When a n__________ stikes a 235U n______________ . The u____________ 235
nucleus undergoes n___________ f___________. This means that the nucleus
s_______ u____ into two s___________ nuclei.
During this process more n_________ are released as well as energy in the form of
h______ and g_________ rays.
On the left Ypu see a n___________ striking a
U____________ nucleus. The three small particles
released are n___________s.
The smaller nuclei released are atoms of rhubidium
and cesium and are called f________ products.
The neutrons released in this process can go on to strike and break up other u__________
nuclei and this can be repeated over and over again resulting in a c_______ r__________.
In a split second thousands of billions of nuclei are split releasing massive amounts of
e____________ and g____________ rays as well as spreading the dangerously
radioactive fission p___________ . An atomic b__________ is made simply by bringing
enough pure u_____________ 235 together in one place.
Another isotope which undergoes the fission process in the same way
is p__________ 239