Secondary Lesson Plan Long Form 2015

Secondary Lesson Plan Template
Grade Level:
Subject / Content area:
Lesson Title:
Unit of Study:
Lesson Duration:
Central Focus for the Learning Segment:
Content Standard(s) (List the number and text of the standard. If only a portion of a
standard is being addressed, then only list the relevant part[s].):
Learning Objectives associated with the content standards:
Student Assessments (Assessments should vary in kind and purpose):
 Assessments:
Modifications to the Assessments:
Evaluation Criteria:
Instructional Resources and Materials to engage all learners:
Student Cultural Background and Experience (including those outside of school)
Considerations (Identify how knowledge of students informed instructional planning):
Christian Faith Integration (for Christian school settings—application, analysis, synthesis,
Differentiation and Planned Universal Supports (Supports are described with specific
attention to groups within the class and individuals[IEPs, 504s, ELL, achievement gaps,
gifted/talented] i.e. Whole class, groups within the class, specific needs of individuals):
Academic Language (Specifically address how these language demands and supports are
used in respect to the language function):
Language Function:
Language Demands of the Lesson (vocabulary, syntax, discourse) :
Language Supports (Identify how you will support students in meeting the academic
language demands of the lesson and accomplish the language function):
Instructional Procedure: (These must connect to the central focus of the learning segment
and learning objectives while meeting the needs of students):
Hook/Anticipatory Sets/Essential Questions:
Prior Knowledge Activation:
Learning Task(s)/Learning Activity(ies) (explanation, modeling, guided practice,
and independent practice):
Closure to Lesson (Make sure students summarize and reflect on their own
learning—what they have learned and/or are able to do):
Relevant Theories and/or Research Best Practices: (Identify how these theories and
research served as a foundation for instructional choices within your lesson)
Notes for Revision: What changes or adaptations would you make to your instruction to
better support student learning of the central focus?