Dear First Wes Family, You have just now read Pastor Craig`s

Dear First Wes Family,
You have just now read Pastor Craig’s resignation.
I have personally spent time processing this decision with Pastor Craig and Krista and
believe that this is the best decision for Pastor Craig and his family as well as for First
I have known and believed in Pastor Craig Cooper for nearly a decade now and would
highly recommend him for another church assignment. I simply do not believe it is in
the best interest of First Wes or Pastor Craig to continue to serve here, which is why I
have accepted his resignation.
I want to make it abundantly clear that Pastor Craig has in no way been involved in
any activity that would be considered immoral or illegal.
Many times people come to a church like First Wes because they have heard that
great things are happening here. In some cases they are unaware that the church
they are attending is part of a denomination. In fact, in some people’s minds a
denomination has little relevance to their lives.
It is my prayer and commitment to you however, that each person who calls “First
Wes” home will begin to recognize clearly the advantage of being part of a larger
grouping of churches. In our case, the West Michigan District of the Wesleyan Church.
For instance, as many of you are aware, First Wes is facing an unprecedented time
financially. In fact, without outside involvement, First Wes could not meet its
financial obligations in December. As a result, in cooperation with the District Board
of Administration I have authorized a one-time investment of over $100,000 cash into
First Wes’ accounts. The purpose of this investment is to keep First Wes solvent.
Over the next few weeks we will also be launching a campaign within our 65 other
churches asking them to come alongside and support First Wes in very tangible and
practical ways which I will share with you more about soon.
In simple terms, First Wes, you…are…not…alone. We believe in the future of this
church. We believe God has amazing things in store for this church and we stand
ready to do all we can to help you reach your full redemptive potential.
I look forward to being with you on January 12 and will be with you on a consistent
manner during this time of transition.
Believing in you,
Pastor Chris Conrad