Aerospace Sensors Working Group


NASA-Industry Aeronautics Sensors Working Group (ASWG)


The purpose of this working group is to collect and disseminate knowledge on sensors needs and priorities, sensor technology gaps, as well as fundamental pre-competitive sensor technology developments

This is a forum for information exchange between government and industry

Share best practices about pre-competitive developments and capabilities that will advance the cause of affordable sensing technologies for the improvement of aeronautic systems

Information sharing o

We envision that information that is shared among the entire group is non-proprietary o o o and publicly available.

Export controlled data is not the topic of this working group.

No expectation of information safeguarding is implied or expected.

Participants can share proprietary information among themselves following whatever o practices the individual participants require to safeguard intellectual property.

Working groups which concentrate on specific sensor issues may be formed if desired by members of the ASWG.

ASWG Concept of Operations

Participation is open only to US entities.

Participation is expected from technology developers and users.

Participation is voluntary and independent of past, current, or future contractual participation

• with NASA.

This working group is not Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) activity.

Group will help maintain awareness of sensor development activities from academia and organizations such as the National Science Foundation.

It is envisioned that this group will meet at least once per year in person, with additional meetings as necessary. The additional meetings may be telecons or other virtual arrangements.