Lesson Plan: The End of the Middle Ages

LESSON #6 End of the Middle Ages
Grade/Course: 10 grade/ World History
Unit 2: Post Classical Era: AD 600 - 1450
Unit Understanding–The Church became a powerful instituion in Fedual Europe competing with emperors
for power and autority
Objectives : - -Readiness 4(G) explain how the Crusades, the Black Death, the Hundred Years' War, and the Great
Schism contributed to the end of medieval Europe
-Readiness16 (B) analyze the influence of human and physical geographic factors on major events in world history
-Readiness 23(A) describe the historical origins, central ideas, and spread of major religious and philosophical traditions,
including, Christianity
- Supporting- 23(B) identify examples of religious influence on various events referenced in the major eras of world
You will need: Textbook pages : 216- 217; 218- 219, 225 – 226, 228 - 229
Jarrett pages: 114- 115, 159 - 163
The hook is based upon the universal
generalization and should be
something that all students can answer
with prior knowledge.
Respond in your notebook
Given what you have learned about the
differences between Christianity and Islam, make
a prediction about some topics that these two
groups might disagree upon?
How might these difference lead to a large
Universal Generalization:
Churches have influence in
communities because they are
respected by the people
Line:Students explore lesson
content and create graphically
organized notes that allow them to
learn the unit understanding.
The Fall of Rome triggered
disruption of trade, the
downfall of cities and a
decline of learning in western
Independent practice activities that
allow students to extend their new,
deeper understanding of the unit
(Processing Activity)
Cause and Effect Thinking Map: Crusades, 100 years war,
black death, great schism
Students will need to read from the Jarrett book and from
the textbook to complete the topics listed in the cause
and effect flow chart.
Students will give a brief description of important details
for each event header. These details should support the
placement as a cause or effect or both
Opinion proof on the following statements- Have students
use text evidence from their book and notes as the proof
of each statement.
1. The crusades contributed to religious intolerance in
2. The Hundred year’s war changed the power dynamics
in Europe.
3. The great Schism contributed to the decline in the
power of the Medieval Church.
4. The social hierarchy of feudal times changed as a result
of the Black Death.
Quickwrite –
Make another prediction: how will that changes that occurred in
Europe affect their future? What do you expect to see happen
in Europe in Europe? The Middle east?