EDUCATION The Education team exercises the functions of the

The Education team exercises the functions of the Diocese as a statutory partner in the state
maintained education sector in England. The work is overseen by a Diocesan Board of
Education which serves both the Portsmouth and the Winchester Dioceses. It is the first such
agreement between two dioceses in the Church of England.
The Portsmouth & Winchester Diocesan Board of Education (P&WDBE) fulfils the Dioceses’
Statutory responsibilities in relation to maintained Church of England schools and education
in general. The P&WDBE consists of:
The Diocesan Bishops;
Chairman, appointed alternately by each Diocesan Bishop;
one person nominated by each diocesan bishop of the Dioceses, each person so
nominated being either a suffragan bishop or a full-time assistant bishop in the diocese
concerned or an archdeacon of an archdeaconry in that diocese;
fourteen members, being seven members elected by each diocesan synod of the
Of the seven members elected by each diocesan synod of the Dioceses:
(a) at least one shall be a clerk in Holy Orders beneficed or licensed in the diocese
(b) at least three shall be lay persons;
(c) at least three shall be members of the diocesan synod concerned;
(d) at least one member shall be either a clergyman being beneficed or licensed within
each archdeaconry or a layman being resident or on the electoral roll of a parish
situated within each archdeaconry; and
(e) in the case of the members elected by the diocesan synod of the Diocese of
Portsmouth at least two of those elected shall be resident on the Isle of Wight
four members co-opted by the Board, who shall be persons with experience of church
one further member nominated by each diocesan bishop of the Dioceses;
Secretary to the Board –Director of Education
Summary of Areas of Responsibility
The functions of the Education team are:
to promote or assist in the promotion of education in the dioceses, being education
which is consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England;
to promote or assist in the promotion of religious education and religious worship in
schools in the diocese;
to promote or assist in the promotion of church schools in the dioceses and to advise
the governors of such schools and trustees of church educational endowments and any other
body or person concerned on any matter affecting church schools in the dioceses;
to promote or assist in the promotion of high quality leadership & management in
Church Schools in the dioceses and in ensuring succession planning for such leadership;
to promote or assist in the promotion of chaplaincy in Further Education and VIth
Form Colleges and in supporting Higher Education Chaplains;
to promote co-operation between the Board of Education and bodies or persons
concerned in any respect with education in the diocese;
such other functions not contrary to this Measure as are assigned to the Board by the
diocesan synods, other than functions relating to church schools or church educational
Who’s Who
Mr Jeff Williams, Director of Education
Tel: 023 9289 9657
Email: [email protected]
Mrs Emily Fletcher, Assistant Director of Education
Emily works closely with Jeff Williams in the preparation of agendas and reports
for the Diocesan Board of Education. She oversees the day-to-day organisation
of the team. Emily also supports Tony in the strategic provision across the six
LAs and in liaising with the academies.
Tel: 023 9289 9680
Email: [email protected]
Mrs Liz Hodson, Schools Advisory Officer
Liz deals with matters relating to Charity and Company Law as well as Trust
Deeds relating to Church Schools insurance and endowments. Liz facilitates
Admissions Appeals for Governing Bodies of Church Schools and assists in the
preparation of agendas and minutes for Board Meetings. In addition she
manages the administration of Section 48 Inspections and is the Administrative
Assistant to the team and PA to Tony.
Tel: 023 9289 9658
Email: [email protected]
Mrs Joyce Johnson, Schools Adviser
Joyce is responsible for school improvement and effectiveness in the one hundred
and forty five maintained Church Schools across the two dioceses. She is
responsible for offering training for staff and governors in Church schools. She
also advises on a range of issues concerning the Christian character, leadership,
ethos and values of Church of England schools. Joyce organises Portsmouth’s
Church School Leavers’ Services at the Cathedral.
Tel: 023 9289 9658
Email: [email protected]
Mr Richard Wharton, Schools Adviser
Richard supports schools and parishes in school leadership, management, improvement,
Christian character, collective worship and spirituality across the curriculum. Provides training
and support to headteachers, deputy headteachers and staff in Church schools and to
governors in their roles and responsibilities and the appointment of senior staff
Tel: 023 9289 9658
Email: [email protected]
Mr John Gorrie, Schools Buildings Officer
John advises Voluntary Aided Church Schools on holistic long-term solutions to
school buildings and their learning environment. He manages and advises on
funding for building projects and supports the schools in using their Devolved
Funding Capital (DFC) and liaises with the six LAs and other dioceses on the
allocation of the Locally Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme. He manages
the administrative process of VA school projects and monitors their bank accounts where they
use diocesan facilities.
Tel: 023 9289 9681
Email: [email protected]
Mr Graeme Stewart, Schools Buildings Admin Officer part time
Graeme supports John Gorrie’s work in managing capital issues for Voluntary
Aided schools. He also supports the Education Team in other administrative
Tel: 023 9289 9653
[email protected]
The DDE, ADDE and two Schools Advisers support Church Schools in the interviewing and
appointment process for headteachers and deputy headteachers.
In addition to the Education Team members employed by the Board of Finance there are
consultants who provide support for:
Religious Education – Judith Lowndes- HIAS (Hampshire Inspection & Advisory Services)
academy projects – Andy Martin – Acumen Associates
Headteacher interviews – Cecelia Galloway (also a Schools Adjudicator)