What is fccla?

Why should you join
FCCLA offers many great
opportunities for personal
growth and improvement. You
will have the chance to be in
leadership positions and
participate in many service
projects. Your interpersonal
skills will grow and you will be
better prepared for job
interviews. You will gain a
FCCLA National Headquarters
1910 Association Dr.
greater knowledge of Family
Reston, VA 20191
and Consumer Sciences and
(703) 476-4900
you will know how to make a
difference in your community.
Toward New
What is fccla?
cooperation and harmony
FCCLA stands for Family, Career and
nonprofit national career and technology
Community Leaders of America. FCCLA is a
education in public and private schools. It
helps young men and women become leaders
and address important personal, family, work
FCCLA offers members the opportunity to
expand their leadership potential and develop
skills for life-planning, goal setting, problem
solving, decision-making and interpersonal
communication-necessary in the home and
What are the goals of
To provide opportunities for personal
development and preparation for
adult life
To provide opportunities for
making decisions and for assuming
To prepare for the multiple roles of
men and women in today’s society
To promote Family and Consumer
Sciences and related occupations
and societal issues through family and
consumer sciences education. Involvement in
What opportunities are
offered through FCCLA?
FCCLA offers a variety of service
opportunities, as well as competitive
events which include: Family and
Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl, Skill
Demonstration Events and STAR Events.
FCCLA also offers National programs to
guide and motivate students as they
develop projects related to the family and
consumer sciences national standards.
Some of the national programs are:
To strengthen the function of the
Career Connection
family as a basic unit of society
Community Service
To encourage democracy through
Dynamic Leadership
cooperative action in the home and
The Power of 1
Financial Fitness
To encourage individual and group
involvement in helping achieve global
What are star
between youth and adults
student organization for young men and
women in family and consumer sciences
To promote greater understanding
Leaders at work
STAR events (Students Taking
Action with Recognition) offer
individual skill development and
application of learning through
cooperative, individualized, or
competitive activities. Some areas
of STAR events include:
Career Investigation
Chapter Showcase
Culinary Arts
Early Childhood
Fashion Design
Food Innovations
Illustrated Talk
Interior Design
Job Interview
Life Event Planning
Nutrition and Wellness
Parliamentary Procedure
Recycle and Redesign
Teach and Train
Applied Technology