Mai Atef Mohamed Hafez

Mai Atef Mohamed Hafez
151 Ebied Street, Abrag Rod EL-Farag, EL-Sahel,Cairo,Egypt.
Tel:- 0123651133
 B.Sc. Biochemistry Single Major, Faculty of Science, Ain-Shams University, (July 2011).
 Cumulative Grade: Very Good with honors and ranked as the fourth of the grade.
Summer Training:
 Training in Al-Borg Laboratory from 20/7/2009 To 20/8/2009.
 August 2010:-Attend a three-day workshop Entitled : DNA and Protein extraction and
electrophoresis, this workshop was in the Central Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams
 August 2010:-Attend a three-day workshop Entitled: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), this
workshop was also in the Central Laboratory, Faculty of Science Ain Shams University.
Practical skills gained during my degree:-
During my final year at the molecular biology lab at biochemistry department I was working on
cDNA library and preparation of gDNA library and I gained some experience in working on
separation of similar substances on gel electrophoresis, DNA and RNA extraction and
spectrophotometry, protein extraction, extraction of g-DNA from mammalian tissue, PCR, Plasmid
preparation, separation of similar substances by chromatographic techniques, DNA sequencing.
 Preparation and identification of nucleic acids, protein isolation and separation by gel filtration .
Use of a haemocytometer, microscopic investigation, aseptic technique and bacterial isolation and
 Cell breakage, ELISA, immunoassays, spectroscopy, enzyme assays, protein purification, gene
 Well versed in sterile microbiological techniques allowing for the maintenance and growth of
bacterial and yeast cell cultures, UV mutagenesis, western blot analysis, agarose gel
 My Graduation Project about:Selective Laser Photo-Thermal therapy of Cancer ,(Excellent).
Personal Skills:
 Research: - Researched both in paper journals, on the Internet and library based research.
 Teamwork: - Successful various team projects (within both academic and non-academic
communication skills due to the many presentations, essays and projects required.
Willingness to learn: - I am keen to develop my understanding and acquire new skills through
Problem solving: - I have the ability to solve problems, tested with continuous problem solving
exercises given as assessments, which may require mathematical analysis and evaluation.
Positive attitude.
Time Management.
Language Skills:
 Arabic: Fluent Read, Written & Spoken.
 English: Fluent read, written & spoken.
 French: Good read, written & spoken.
Computer Skills:
 International computer driving license (ICDL).
 Microsoft Windows XP, vista and windows 7.
 Internet explorer skills.
Personal Data:
Marital status: - single.
Date of Birth: 15 May, 1990.
Place of Birth: Egypt.
Gender: female.
Nationality: Egyptian