Indian approval for Electronics and Information Technology products

Product Testing
Product certification scheme introduced in 1956 called for reliable testing of a wide variety of
products and raw materials for evaluating their conformity to the requirements laid down in
Indian Standards as required for continuous surveillance of the scheme. Initially services of
several independent laboratories in India were availed for the purpose. With rapid expansion
of the certification scheme, the need for expeditious testing of samples and for ensuring close
conformity to the testing procedures laid down in various Indian Standards was strongly felt
and the organization decided to have its own chain of laboratories mainly to cater to the needs
of Certification Marks Scheme.
Indian approval for Electronics and Information
Technology products
We get your Product Tested with certification body with complete scope of Bureau of Indian
Standards (BIS) recognition for IT, Audio/Video and household products categories under the
compulsory registration scheme notified by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology
(DeitY), Government of India.
Bridging the gap between People-Technology-Safety, the Indian Government has taken a big leap by
bringing “Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order 2012” (Requirements for Compulsory
Registration), ensuring safer products to Indian consumers.
The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), under Ministry of Communication
and Information Technology, against the aforesaid order, has regulated 15 electronics and information
technologies goods under compulsory registration scheme through Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS);
The regulation mandates registration with BIS for products ranging from Electronic Games (Video),
Laptop / Notebook / Tablets, Plasma/LCD/LED Televisions, Optical Disc Players With built in
amplifiers, Microwave Ovens, Visual Display Units, Video Monitors, Printers, Plotters, Scanners,
Wireless Keyboards, Telephone Answering Machines, Amplifiers , Electronic Musical Systems,
Electronic Clocks with Mains Power, Set Top Boxes, Automatic Data Processing Machines like
servers, blades and desktop computers.
Registration process
The Registration process involves submission of an application form through an applicant (local
manufacturer, local office/representative of the foreign manufacturer, importer or dealer) and a
compliance test report from a BIS recognized laboratory as per the applicable Indian Standard.
The mandated electronics and information technology goods shall be labeled as “Self declaration Confirming to IS (Standards No.) Registration No: XXXX” before they are placed in the Indian market
after obtaining registration from BIS. The registration issued by BIS is valid for 2 years and is further
renewed for 2 years based on applicant request.