Modifying Scientific Theories

Modifying Scientific Theories
Understanding Main Ideas
Answer the following questions in the spaces provided.
1. How does a scientific theory become better accepted over time? Give an example.
2. Why is the law of gravity a scientific law—not a scientific theory?
3. Under what circumstances might a scientific theory be modified?
Building Vocabulary
Write a definition for each of these terms on the lines below.
4. scientific theory
5. scientific law
Modifying Scientific Theories
If the statement is true, write true. If the statement is false, change the underlined word
or words to make the statement true.
1. ________________ Sometimes a large set of related observations can be connected
by a scientific theory.
2. ________________ A scientific law can be modified.
3. ________________ A scientific law is the same as the laws of a state or community.
4. ________________ Like any scientific law, the law of gravity describes a pattern
observed in the laboratory.
5. ________________ A scientific theory is generally accepted faster than a scientific
Fill in the blank to complete each statement.
6. ________________ is development of new instruments and methods to solve
practical problems.
7. The ________________ is a scientific theory that explains the
composition of all substances.
8. A scientific theory may be ________________ to fit new observations.
9. “An object in motion tends to stay in motion” is a scientific ________________.
10. A scientific theory becomes more widely accepted as it explains more and more
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