Suggestions for Spiritual Enhancement at Meetings

for Spiritual Enhancement for Meetings
For are a few suggestions that you might want to try under the Circle of Love
Spiritual Enhancement Program.
 Bring favorite prayers to meetings and keep in a folder. Read one at each
 Briefly discuss the Gospel from Sunday’s Mass.
 Plan a meditation with music, candle and flowers.
 View videos, of Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorje or a religious film.
 Utilize Prayer Partners especially for 1st Communicants, Confirmation
candidates or RCIA candidates.
 Plan a Memorial Mass at the cemetery or monument to the unborn.
 Sacramental “show and tell” with sacred items, share their history and
 Send cards or spiritual bouquets to servicemen.
 Plan a patriotic prayer service with patriotic music and pledge to the flag.
 Prepare a presentation on lives on women saints.
 Plan a May crowning and bring photos of mothers of members to display.
 Utilize special talents of members in the Court like to lead singing a song
and playing an instrument.
 Play “Stump the Pastor” by asking questions about the Catholic faith.
 If a member has read a religious book or watched a religious program
ash her to present a report on it.
 Bring different statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, explain their origin or
 At each meeting have members decide on prayer intention for the month.
 Hold a memorial service for deceased members in November.
 Utilize the Prayer Services in Tools of the Trade, religious websites or
religious books. Also ask Court Chaplin for suggestions.
 Other sources: National CDA Website, National Chaplin’s Sunday
Reflection (also written in Spanish); MN CDA State Website; Living Faith
Devotional; The Word Among Us Daily Devotional and The Magnificat.