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Magnetism Paradox

The Magnetism Paradox
First I want to say that I am not a mathematician having only two semesters of calculus under my belt. But I believe that
math does show us truth, probably the only language that does not lie [even though the saying “figures lie and liars
figure” has merit]. I believe however that like a computer that does only what you tell it to do the current mathematics
only explains what our understanding of reality encompasses. Mathematical models of weather forecasts improve;
iteration is how I see all mathematics [and all sciences] evolving. In other words, what is true today will not be true
It is of my opinion that our description of the structure of energy is completely wrong. Forces that normally exist are
explained away as artifacts of another force [e.g., counter EMF], inherent properties [gravity and magnetism], and
others [dark matter] are simply dismissed as unknown or elusive. What I perceive as missing to unify such things is a
different approach to explain from where this mysterious energy is drawn.
Multidimensional reality is a mathematical certainty [string theory] but a description of its presence is all that is
understood about these unique realms; nothing is known about the laws of physics present in non-3D realities. What I
speculate is that the laws of physics in both dimensions interacts with each other in a way that is yet to be fully
For example, the property of a lodestone or magnetized ferrous material is assumed to draw its energy from “alignment
of tiny magnets within the molecule.” Hogwash! This is as an archaic explanation of a physical property as anything I can
conjure with the possible exception of the fundamental explanation of “work”. What I perceive happening is that
magnetizing such a material is in fact a physical “amplifier” for the energy-rich ether that exists all around us. Bear with
me for a while and do not discard this concept since more will soon be revealed.
The Magnetism Mystery
Ever since I was a child, the explanation of how magnetism worked just did not sit well with me; it seemed that we were
missing something, something very fundamental that threw our knowledge of this energy source completely out of
whack. Much like the Spanish Inquisition, when one questions accepted behaviors, you are persecuted by the
establishment to within an inch of your life or even worse. But yet Einstein praised all those who questioned “normal”
and it is with this fresh view that I describe my thoughts.
Everyone knows that to magnetize a screwdriver helps to pick up or hold screws. Everyone also knows that refrigerator
magnets will stay on your refrigerator indefinitely. But since this property does not adhere to the accepted definition of
work, permanent magnets are considered non-energy sources. Taking this refrigerator magnet to another level, rotating
a wire coil inside of its field creates electricity. But yet magnetism and its ability to create electricity [the potential to do
work] is the foundation of our society. So what is wrong with this fundamental assumption?
I propose that what we call magnetism is in fact a mechanism to extract energy from this multi-dimensional ether. Just
because a permanent magnet is stationary and has no moving parts, we assume that it cannot be a machine. But I assert
that this is precisely what is happening. It is truly the first device that creates more energy than was used to produce the
magnet defying the law of conservation of energy [another useless bond that prevents us from expanding our minds].
Magnets violate this law every day however we choose to disregard it for one reason or another.
Another fact that points to the existence of etheric energy is the counter EMF. When applying a DC voltage to a coil of
wire, it produces a magnetic field. Removing this voltage produces another momentary voltage on the wires of the coil
opposite in polarity but hugely higher in potential [amplitude]. Much like a lightning strike, a lot of electrical energy
appears albeit for a brief time [this is how spark plugs in internal combustion engines you’re your lawn more or
automobile work]. There are mathematical proofs of this property that I suspect are wrong or flawed.
What I assert is that the counter-EMF pulse is etheric energy extracted by the mechanical properties of the coil as
induced by the DC voltage. Think of it this way: drop a pebble into a pond and if you do it just right, a drop of water
appears that dances above the surface. It is this drop of water that can be thought of as the counter EMF energy and the
stone the DC voltage-coil mechanism used to create that drop of water. This explanation is sort of the same thing only
way different. Instead of focusing on the existence of the counter-EMF and finding ways to control or use it, my focus is
on where this counter-EMF energy came from in the first place. If you imagine that our 3-D reality ends at the surface of
the water, this etheric energy lies just below its surface.
Figure 1 -Think of Counter-EMF Energy Originating from under the Water
If this is true, lurking just beyond our reach is a wealth of seemingly limitless energy that – once we understand how to
access it – can solve many of our current problems and dilemmas.
Our understanding of friction is another area of investigation where the currently wisdom is that rotating bodies slow
down because mechanical energy is transformed into heat [plus losses in air resistance]. While this is true, I suspect
there are other forces at play contributing to the understanding of friction.
Everyone knows that any mass exerts a gravitational force on any other mass; this is how planets orbit the sun and the
moon or satellites orbit the earth. Einstein explains that these forces can be sort-of visualized as a gravitational “well”
where the greater mass is in the center of this well and the lesser mass spins around the outside.
One experiment personally I did was to place a large mass [lead ball] at the end of a 50’ wire in the school gymnasium
and put a mirror on the ball. After the ball was settled, I then shined a light on the mirror and marked the position of its
reflection on the far wall. Next I moved another large mass [brass weight] within ½” of the suspended ball and sure
enough the light beam moved. The length of the wire helped to minimize the forces imposed by any shorter string to
impede this small movement and the length of the light beam amplified even the tiniest movement the ball made.
I often thought of gravity as a sort of “love” where a strong emotional attraction pulls one person toward another. I
presume that gravity is really much like this emotion where larger masses have more gravity than smaller masses. So
gravity and mass is directly proportional [larger mass, larger gravitational force].
Forms of Energy
Again Einstein has developed a simple formula that describes the relationship between mass and energy, the well
known E=Mc2 equation. What this equation means is that energy and mass is exactly the same thing, just in different
states as described by the large constant c2 [here defined as the speed of light]. So all energy is the same thing and all
mass is the same thing, just in different forms and this constant should describe what form that is.
Energy takes two basic forms we know as either kinetic or potential. Since all forms of energy are the same thing, this
constant should tell us what this difference is and furthermore another constant should describe the variation of that
particular sub-form of that type of energy, but unfortunately it does not.
So there is something missing from this basic understanding of this equation that complicates its simplicity.