Notification of Placement in a Language Instruction Educational

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Secondary Programs (Grades 9-12)—this student is enrolled in the program checked below. All programs are
designed to enable ELL students to work toward the same academic standards as all other students. As an ELL
student’s English proficiency increases, he/she is moved to a higher level.
( )
Are offered at the high schools. The ESOL courses are specifically designed for English Language Learners.
Students take one to six periods of specialized English courses daily depending on ELL level. ELL1 students are
all assigned to Rogers High School. All Spanish speaking students may also take Spanish for Native Speakers for
one period daily. Students may take math and other classes/electives appropriate for their grade level with their
English-speaking peers.
( )
Are offered in every school. Students’ continual progress in acquiring academic English is monitored. These
students may still need help in improving their English skills in reading and writing. They will take all subjects
appropriate for their grade level.
( )
Student is eligible for ESOL services marked above unless otherwise indicated on IEP.
Annual Assessments/Placements
This student will participate in all grade level appropriate state/district assessments and will also be tested
annually with the state language proficiency test to monitor his/her progress in acquiring English. Federal and
State law requires annual language proficiency assessment of all ELL students until the student is
reclassified as Fluent English Proficient (FEP). Annual language proficiency scores, teacher assessments,
performance in the classroom, teacher observations, and information from the parents are taken into
consideration when determining the students’ annual placement in an ESOL program. The parent will be notified
of the results of the assessments and recommended placements annually. Parents/Guardians/Persons in loco
parentis may request a conference to discuss this information in person.
Parental Rights
Parents/Guardians/Persons in loco parentis have the right to have their child immediately removed from a
language instructional program upon their request. In order to decline enrollment in such program,
parents/guardians must sign the ESOL Program Waiver form that may be obtained from the ESOL Office
(631-3559). Declining enrollment means that the student will not receive specialized language instruction.
I have read this form and/or had someone from the school district explain this information to me. I understand the
identification of my child as an English Language Learner, my child’s placement in the ESOL program, and my
rights as a parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis to decline enrollment in such program.
Parent or Guardian Signature __________________________________________ Date ___________________
ESOL Staff Signature ________________________________________________ Date ____________________
ESOL Mission Statement
To enable English Language Learners to access all of the educational possibilities/
opportunities available in the educational system by improving language skills, selfconfidence, and cultural awareness as quickly and efficiently as possible
Original—ESOL Office
Yellow —Cumulative Folder
Pink— Parent (English)
Goldenrod—Parent (Spanish)