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Objectives Related
to this Course:
SPAN 3075
Course Title:
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
1. Program Objective #1: Oral Proficiency: Our target is the advanced range level based on the
ACTFL testing for oral proficiency. By the end of the last semester of the program, students will
be able to:
 Converse in a clearly participatory fashion
 Initiate, sustain, and bring to closure a wide variety of communicative tasks,
including those that require an increased ability to convey meaning with diverse
language strategies due to a complications or an unforeseen turn of events
 Satisfy the requirements of school and work situations, and
 Narrate and describe with paragraph-length connected discourse.
2. Program Objective #2: Writing: By the end of the last semester, students will be able to:
 Argue, describe, collect and practice the lexical and syntactic aspects of the
target language through the arrangement of words, sentences and paragraphs
 Communicate conclusions from research and argue their case and position in
 Demonstrate satisfactory control of the language by writing.
Student Learning
General Outline of
Course Content:
Methods of Student
Assessment (e.g.
type, number,
Possible Text
(or other materials):
Students will be able to:
 Define what linguistics is.
 Explain different branches of linguistics.
 Compare Spanish and English phonetics, morphological, syntactic systems.
 Synthesize linguistic variation present in the Spanish-speaking world.
 Deduct Spanish language evolution.
Linguistics: Cognitive Science
Sounds of Language: Phonetics and Phonology
Structure of words: Morphology
Structure of sentences: Syntax
History of Spanish
Linguistic Variation: Dialects and bilingualism
Attendance & Participation – 10%
Quizzes (5) – 30%
Midterm (1) – 15%
Oral Presentation – 20%
Final Paper – 25%
Hualde, Jose Ignacio, Antxon Olarrea, and Anna Maria Escobar. Introducción a La Lingüística
Hispánica. 4th ed. Cambridge: Cambrige UP, 2001.
Other Information:
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