2014 Illinois Heartland Section BCC Event Schedule

2014 Illinois Heartland Section BCC Event Schedule*
Morning Events:
Safety Dance: Students will have to navigate an obstacle course made up of simple obstacles such as
crepe paper, orange cones/disks, chairs, etc.. The goal of the event is for a group of students to navigate
the course with personal protective equipment on. The PPE will include but is not limited to lab coats,
heat resistant gloves, goggles and face shields. The students will either have to trade the PPE off to their
partner in a relay style fashion or as each student navigates the course they can be given direct
instructions on a specific laboratory technique and then decide the appropriate PPE to wear.
In any case, the goal is for the student to navigate the course and correctly match a safety hazard label
with the appropriate title. Once a team has correctly matched all titles and labels they win.
Memory, Chemistry Edition: In this event, we will have game tiles made up in the shape of the card
game Memory. Each card will have a chemical/molecular formula on it or it will have the IUPAC name
for a chemical/molecule. Teams will take turn flipping a card and trying to find the appropriate match.
The team with the most matches at the end of the game will win.
Spectroscopy Challenge: Teams will be given a variety of different spectra obtained using different
techniques such as NMR, UV, Mass Spectrometry, etc… The goal will be for a team to determine the
chemical formula based on the information they are given. The first team to correctly determine the
formula wins.
UV Lab: Each team will be given an unknown substance and assigned the task of finding the molar
absorbtivity constant and then determine the identity of the unknown substance based on a table of
molar absorbtivity constants provided to the teams.
Playoffs/Afternoon Events: Depending on time, one or both of the following can be used in a playoff
format to determine the final winner of the day.
Titration Race: Teams will be provided with solutions and will have to perform a proper titration of an
Quiz Bowl/Jeopardy: Either a quiz bowl or jeopardy style final.
*Events are subject to change.