Program Director - Big Brothers Big Sisters

RESPONSIBLE TO: Executive Director
Administrative leadership position responsible for identification, development,
implementation, management, and evaluation of agency programs. Importance given in
the ability to develop quantitative and qualitative methods of evaluating program success.
Demonstrated management skills, including the supervision, development, evaluation and
motivation of direct reports. Experience in the development and delivery of collaborative
programming with other human service agencies. Experience in developing and
managing a budget. Excellent public speaking skills. Excellent written and oral
communication skills. Personal computing skills desirable. Overall demonstration of a
willingness and aptitude to learn and work.
Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Social Work or related area. MSW highly
desirable. Five or more years casework experience and a minimum of two years
experience supervising professional social service staff.
A. Program Maintenance and Development –
The Program Director helps the Executive Director assess the needs of the
communities served by the agency, the interests of funders of social service
programming, the agency’s mission and vision, the interests of the volunteers, and the
needs of the children served. Identify and develop programs and partnerships, in
collaboration with the Executive Director, which meet the needs of the agency’s
constituents. Develop tools and methods for evaluating the success of agency
programming commitments in the service area. Coordinate with the appropriate
board committee relative to volunteer recruitment and recognition. Serve as agency
staff liaison to board committee charged with program oversight and evaluation.
B. Program Supervision –
The Program Director shall oversee the quality and professionalism to all service area
programs and professional staff. Responsibilities which include all case work
meeting Bluegrass Board program policies, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
standards and the agency mission and vision. Ensure agency policies, practices and
manuals (with regard to program) are current and develop comprehensive,
measurable “best practices”. Ensure that customer/client service techniques and
quality assurance of staff casework supervision are followed by all members of the
professional staff. Implement plans to maintain, educate and cultivate current
volunteers to create longevity with the agency. Develop volunteer recruitment plans
with staff members, Executive Director and PR/Recruitment Committee of the Board
and help with the implementation of plans. Plan and implement in-service staff
development/training sessions. Arrange for outside professional consultant as needed
and serve as such for other agencies as appropriate. Develop community service
projects for all matches and unmatched children. Facilitate monthly professional staff
meetings. Act as a liaison between the professional staff and the Executive Director.
C. Program Responsibilities 1. Interview, hire, train, supervise and terminate professional staff according to
personnel policies and with approval of the Executive Director.
2. Assure that all professional staff members have written performance expectations
and receive regular performance reviews. Develop and motivate staff. Provide
feedback to the Executive Director relative to all programs in the service area
implementation and delivery of programming efforts.
3. Review policy, procedures, forms and reports to ensure they are up-to-date at all
4. Collect necessary data as required to make reports to Board and funding sources.
D. Special Activities 1. Approve, plan and assign staff to Escapades activities for waiting children.
2. Plan group activities for matches and help determine staff person(s) responsible.
3. Act as the primary contact for outside groups who want to plan a special activity
for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass.
E. Fund Raising 1. Help with United Way by speaking, conducting tours, setting up displays on other
activities beneficial to our program.
2. Encourage other professional staff to get involved in “Bowl For Kids’ Sake” and
other fund raisers held during the year.
3. Help to identify and plan new fund raisers with the Board, Executive Director,
and other staff members.
F. Community Involvement Serve as the agency’s representative, as requested, at various social
service/community alliances and meetings. Provide leadership in encouraging the
development of collaborative efforts/partnerships among social service agencies
which will serve to further the mission and vision of our agency. Serve as an agency
representative in select United Way functions and activities. Supervise and plan the
annual volunteer celebration, Christmas party and Love Tree. Assign staff members
newsletter article responsibilities. Supervise agency monthly activities and the
coordination of groups to sponsor these activities. Supervise the resources for
discounted activities and tickets, as well as, the renewal of the match discount book.
G. Fiscal Identify and maintain professional files with respect to potential funding sources for
agency programming efforts. Help Executive Director develop budgets for program
delivery. Prepare and manage program budgets. Write grant proposals, as
appropriate, to accrue program funding. Develop and maintain objective evaluations
of programming success for use in grant objective evaluations or programming
success for use in grant applications submitted under the agency’s auspices. Maintain
a file of all grant proposals, and develop regular reporting to the Executive Director
with respect to grants applied for, denied, and awarded. Research and supply United
Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America annual reports and information.
This position reports directly to the Executive Director. Reporting to this position are
Case Managers and Regional Coordinators. To the extent that the agency develops and
staffs other programs, those program coordinators would also report to this position. The
Program Director is considered to be in charge when the Executive Director is absent and
shall follow all procedures/policies as written.
The Program Director has broad authority to identify, develop and recommend new
programming initiatives and the termination of existing programming.
Recommendations to be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director and the board,
the latter at the Executive Director’s discretion. The Program Director must review
serious situations and potential terminations with the Executive Director. Program
expenditure which fall outside of approved program budgets must be must be reviewed
with the Executive Director. The Program Director must operate within all policies
established by the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass.
Salary range from $25,000 to $37,000 with increments as approved by the Board of
Directors each year. Appointment may be made at any level within the range at the
discretion of the Executive Director.