Astronomy 105 Laboratory Manual

Empirical and Quantitative Skills
This assignment must be submitted electronically to LiveText.
Important: Submit your doc into the “Measurements” folder.
Each student is responsible for uploading this activity for possible review by the university assessment
committee. The university assessment committee will use the “Empirical and Quantitative Skills Rubric”
to assess your work in this project. This rubric can be viewed in D2L. This exercise counts 50% of the
“Scientific Measurements” lab grade.
Assignment: Complete Part 1 of this exercise by writing each number or calculated
result in scientific notation. In Part 2 determine the area requested. Use the proper
number of significant figures and units if applicable.
Part 1
Scientific Notation
Number of
Significant Figures
33 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm =
0.7001 km / 30.1 s =
(2.003 x 105) / (5.1 x 10-3) =
(7.900 x 104) x (3.004 x 103) =
Part 2
Determine the surface area in square millimeters of a page from your lab manual. What
is the area in square meters? Use a ruler to make the necessary measurements and
show your work.
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