Sociology II

Sociology II
Minority Group Study
Today you will begin a multifaceted research project. You will find all instructions
listed below. Along with this are a number of guiding questions that you will need to
answer in order to fulfill the requirements.
1. You will work on your own to complete this assignment. First come, first serve
for topics.
2. Select a racial or ethnic group that has immigrated to this country
a. Nigerian, Columbian, Irish, etc…
b. You may also chose the forced migration of Native Americans
c. Be specific when you select a topic. If you are Irish select Irish-Americans,
if you are Puerto Rican select Puerto Rican immigration. In other words
pick a topic that you can relate to
d. Once you have a group and a topic have one member of your group
provide me with all of the names and the Topic
3. Review the questions that you will need to answer
a. Each question is worth 25 points
b. Questions must be answered thoroughly in essay form as they pertain to
your topic
c. Answers must be developed into a PowerPoint presentation with a
minimum of eight slides (not including title slide and sources). This is
worth 100 points
4. At the end of each class period you will provide me with an update of your
progress and any questions that you may have. Update sheets will be supplied
a. The daily update is required
b. For each day that I do not receive an update you will lose 3 points on
your final grade – trust me, these add up
Below you will find the four (4) questions that must be answered for your presentation.
Each of the questions is thematic. You should view your answers the same way.
What is the historical background of your group? When did they come here?
From where? Why? What circumstances lead to the immigration of this
group? What was the goal of your group in coming to America? – History
and Hopes / Push – Pull
Upon arrival how was your group treated? What types of discrimination
were they faced with? Social, workplace, political, etc… Was the segregation
that existed by choice or by force for your group? Arrival – now what
How long did it take for your group to overcome the initial levels of
discrimination? How did they do so? Was there an attempt to become part
of the mainstream society? Acceptance – Rejection
What is the present day status of your group? What is their current level of
acceptance? Are there still steps that need to be taken to improve this? Today