1 st June 2015 - Porta Nuova Europa

Fundacja Inicjatyw Twórczych
Project PLAY ON EVS TELEVISION is a project of social and cultural aims and its main task is to
promote citizen activity of youth and European citizenship in particular. The project involves
one volunteer from Italy and one volunteer from Spain. The theme of project is a movie as a
tool of communication and promotion ideas and meanings, most of all like an universal
language of youth in European Union. Our aim is to propagate and promote EVS as a tool
which deepens mutual understanding of youth from different countries too.
During project volunteers will create their own movies and prepare workshops (movie and
photography) for children and youth from city of Tarnów and its neighborhood. They will
document all of their activities on their multimedial blog, which will be the diary of EVS
development in our region. Volunteers will be also visiting other polish organisations running
EVS projects to document and show different faces of EVS in Poland.
All volunteers activities in the project will be based on non-formal education, volunteers will
design their own process of learning by themselves with support of team members of host
organisation. The methods, which will be in use, are: workshops, observation, dialogue,
The most important effects, which we plan to achieve during our project, are as follow:
- website / multimedial blog,
- the promotional movie about EVS (which will be shared with other organisations),
- the movie or movies about ”different faces of EVS in Poland”
- movie diaries from the project,
- movies and pictures made during workshops with children and youth.
EVS Charter clearly defines the quality standards to be followed when planning the
volunteer’s work. According to its provisions voluntary work in Fundacja Inicjatyw Twórczych
will focus on the aspect of non-formal learning and intercultural dimension. To this end, we
will work together with volunteers clear learning plan for them, taking into account their
expectations, needs, and their own initiatives and creativity. Although we have already
planned activities for the volunteers, we are open to their suggestions.Therefore,
immediately after the arrival of volunteers, at a meeting of all persons angaged to the
Fundacja Inicjatyw Twórczych
project, together we will design in detail the whole process of learning, and determine the
goals that volunteers want to achieve. It is also very important for us to evaluate voluntary
work, for this purpose from the very beginning volunteers will complement their
YOUTHPASS certificate with the help from their mentor and task leader.
The main task of volunteers will be the promotion and sharing their and other people
experiences about EVS. In the first place, volunteers will create their own website /
multimedia blog. On this site they will regularly publish multimedia materials creating by
themselves like movies or photos - this page will be a kind of "diary"of the EVS development
in Tarnów area. About once a month, volunteers will visit another Polish organisation
working with volunteers within the EVS projects to document by movie and later show on
their site "different faces of the European Voluntary Service" in our country and the benefits
of such projects for volunteers themselves and for local communities. In addition, as the task
for the summary of the project, they will be obligated to create a short multimedia material
promoting the idea of EVS and showing particular EVS procedures to teach and inform other
polish organisations / institutions and potential volunteers, how to prepare for the project,
writing it, applying, waiting for results, etc. This material will be shared public, so that other
organisations could use it in their work.
The second main task of the volunteers will be to work with young people from secondary
and high schools in Tarnów, preparing and conducting workshops for them in photography,
film and journalism. These workshops will be held with approximately weekly intervals. In
addition, twice or once a month, volunteers will run classes for children from Akademia
Przedszkolaka ELFIK (daily care centre for small children conducted by our foundation) and
will document the activities of European volunteers who are already working in the
Academy. Throughout the project, volunteers will also assist in the promotion of EVS in
Tarnów region through meetings with local youth in schools, cultural centers, libraries, etc.
Most of the tasks in the project, both volunteers will be performed jointly.
Given the nature of the project it is difficult to speak of solid hours of volunteer work.
Estimated volunteer work time in the week will range from 30 to 38 hours. Everything will be
dependent primarily on factors such as: meeting people present in the materials recorded in
the project, arranging workshops with youth, balancing the time needed to shoot a movie
material to the time required for mouting it, etc.
Anyway both volunteers will work 5 days a week and also they will be entitled to two
vacation days for each month of their stay in Poland The proper course of work time
planning will be supervised by a mentor and task leader. Each week they will together with
the volunteers plan the work for another week. They will meet with them, summarize the
work of last week and will determine next tasks. In addition, once a month they will evaluate
the past month, using the tool of the Youth Pass.
Fundacja Inicjatyw Twórczych
The volunteer will live in a flat with the other EVS volunteers: he will share a bedroom. The
kitchen will be shared between all volunteers, there are washing, laundry and social
facilities. The volunteer is responsible for keeping his place clean and to take care of the
equipment inside the flat. In case of damage because of wilful negligence he may be asked
to pay the repairing costs. A monthly food allowance is provided (€100) paid in the first week
of every month.
Fundacja Inicjatyw Twórczych will buy monthly ticket for local transport but only if the
voulnteer’s flat will be very far to the headquarters of the foundation in Tarnow, his main
Additionaly, considering the nature of the project - monthly trips to other Polish
organisations implementing EVS projects - we will cover the costs of the travels and
accommodation associated with these trips.
The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of €85 as pocket money paid in the first
week of every month.
 Interpersonal and social competences
 Adaptability and coping with new challenges, team-working with colleagues, sharing
responsibility for living together with a multi-national team of volunteers.
 Cultural expression
 Developing cultural awareness of each other’s needs in a multi-cultural setting.
 Learning of Polish culture and mentality in the European context.
 Communication in foreign languages
 Communicating, socialising and negotiating in a second language (English).
 Learning of Polish laguage throughout the project.
 Skills connected directly do the project’s task
 Ability of planning and organising own worktime, preparing and running workshops
for children and young people, operating television equipment, learning every step of
filming process, maintaining and promoting a website, cooperating with people of
different age.