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How the Earth Was Made
video guide answers
1. Atlantic Ocean—on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
2. getting bigger
3. same rate as fingernails—1 inch/year
4. continents appeared to fit together
5. that the continents moved apart (continental drift)
6. no way to prove it
7. mapped the Atlantic ocean floor
8. 10,000 mile network of underwater mountains
9. convection currents tear the crust open, allowing magma to come up and push continents apart
10. hot volcanic gasses billowing into the ocean
11. getting bigger as the plates spread apart
12. fills the cracks, cools, hardens, and forms new land
1. evidence of a volcanic past
2. five volcanoes
3. off the coast of Indonesia
4. around the edge of the Pacific Ocean
5. 452
6. movement/geologic activity
7. oceanic plates go under continental plates
8. 2000 miles
9. shield volcanoes—smooth sloping sides (not cone-like)
10. basalt—hottest lava in the world, very fluid (moves quickly)
11. mapped the ocean floor with SONAR
12. series of underwater mountains (seamounts)
13. over 80
14. the Hawaiian Islands & seamounts form a straight line over 3000 miles long
15. they get greener (and older)
16. about 5 million years old
17. Hot spot—as the plate moved over the hot spot, it “punched through” to create mountains and islands